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Poetry, metaphor and myth can often express the most profound ethical, psychological and spiritual insights and aspirations of a people or culture in a way that communicates to the imagination more immediately than a literal narrative may. The impact of these literary forms lies not only in the written word, but resonates also on some other more subtle wavelength. Perhaps they communicate more to the heart or the intuition than to the intellect. Whatever the reason, great works like the Vedas and the Upanishads, the Mahabharata and Bhagavad-Gita, the Greek myths and epic poems, the Tao Teh Ching, the Zen poems – earth-treasures such as these have all helped to shape the thinking of whole civilizations for hundreds or thousands of years, and thus have influenced the histories and the destinies of the peoples who inspired and absorbed them.


The Buddhist sutras belong to this class of inspired world literature, giving expression as they do to many noble truths, and with some, like the Heart Sutra, the Diamond Sutra and the Avatamsaka Sutra, revealing and making known in a few words ultimate Truth: ‘Form is Emptiness, Emptiness is Form’, ‘All that we see is a product of the Mind’, ‘Thou art the Buddha’. The Bodhisattva Kishitigarbha Vow Sutra is presented here, and whether viewed literally, mythically, or perhaps somewhere between the two, it can take its own unique place amongst the sutras – its ever-present underlying theme expressing the great universal truths of love, compassion and responsibility for all beings.


The Bodhisattva Kishitigarbha Vow Sutra

Was first translated from the Sanskrit into Chinese in the 7th century A.D. T’ang Dynasty. The English here has been faithfully translated directly from the original archaic Chinese. In China this sutra has for hundreds of years been one of the most well-known and popular Buddhist sutras, but compared to such Bodhisattvas as Avalokiteshvara and Manjushri, the name Kishitigarbha appears to be relatively unknown in the West. According to one Chinese authority on Kishitigarbha, the reason for this obscurity lies in an ancient prophecy foretelling that this sutra would not be known outside of China and Tibet for 2500 years after the time of Buddha – until the Dharma-Ending Age – our present age – which would be ready to receive and understand it. The sutra would then be revealed and spread to distant lands. Regardless of any mystique surrounding this explanation, the fact is that together with Avalokiteshvara, Manjushri and Samantabhadra, Kishitigarbha is one of the most revered and celebrated Bodhisattvas. Respectively they personify the four basic Mahayana qualities of Great Compassion, Great Wisdom, Great Meritorious Deeds, and in Kishitigarbha: the Great Vow – the vow to save all sentient beings, including the hungry ghosts and the hell beings.


The literal translation of the Bodhisattva’s Sanskrit name is “Earth-Store”. The name in one sense indicates that any undesirable or troublesome thoughts ‘stored’ or hidden deep in one’s mind or heart may be uncovered and released with the help of Kishitigarbha’s divine power – thereby freeing the person from their negative influence. A less literal translation, which more accurately communicates its complex significance to Western readers, could be to render it as “Earth-Treasure”. In this freer sense his name expresses the many marvellous aspects of the earth and his mysterious connection with it: the earth is vast, it supports all living beings, it is impartial, it receives the life-giving rain, it produces trees and crops, it holds all planted seeds which will ultimately ripen and come to fruition, it holds many treasures, it produces medicines for suffering humanity, it is not moved by storms. And the earth too, is in its own way a sentient being.


The Earth-Treasure Bodhisattva has a deep relationship with beings of the earth – humans, and especially with those ‘below’ it – the hungry ghosts and hell beings. Because these are the most difficult to raise into a more fortunate condition due to their previous unwholesome actions, and because of his past vow to save them all, Kishitigarbha has been known as the Teacher of the Dark Regions. “If I do not go to hell to help them, who else will go?” is the famous declaration popularly attributed to Kishitigarbha. No matter what the crime or the karma, he is willing to have a connection with any being, and to help free them from suffering.


The Sutra is fundamentally a teaching concerning karmic retribution, graphically describing the consequences one creates for oneself by committing undesirable actions. This is especially for the benefit of future beings in the Dharma-Ending Age in order to help these beings avoid making the mistakes that will cause them to be reborn in a low condition. With the motivation to help suffering beings always in mind, the sutra is a discourse given by the Buddha in praise of the Bodhisattva Kishitigarbha and his heroic Vow, and of the benefits one can receive from worshipping Kishitigarbha and by reading the sutra.


Presented in the form of a seemingly mythic dialogue between the Buddha and Kishitigarbha, the teaching takes place in a certain heaven called Trayastrimsa Heaven, in front of a vast multitude of Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, gods and ghosts. Immediately prior to his departure from this world, Buddha manifested in Trayastrimsa Heaven so that he might repay the kindness of his mother who dwelt there by speaking the Dharma on her behalf. So from another aspect the sutra deals with filial responsibility – not only that between oneself and one’s parents, but also in an ultimate sense of a universal code of duty or responsibility for all living beings, all of whom a Bodhisattva regards with the same kindness, consideration and respect that one should accord to one’s own parents. This, together with the practice of acts for the good of all, is the Bodhisattva’s vision.


The sutra closes as the Buddha is on the point of entering Nirvana. Throughout the sutra Buddha is concerned for the future beings of the Dharma-Ending Age, and trusts that through Kishitigarbha’s divine power, the Bodhisattva will be able to help these beings attain liberation even during this difficult Age – which is the reason his sutra is to be revealed at this time. The Buddha ends his discourse by praising Kishitigarbha before the assembly, entrusting all future beings in the heavens and the worlds to him – proclaiming that any future person who reads the Sutra or who worships Bodhisattva Kishitigarbha will earn extraordinary merits, and ultimately, Buddhahood.

The Shurangama Mantra—–楞严咒

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    Lectures by the Venerable Master Hsuan Hua

Edited and Translated by the Editorial Committee of the Buddhist Text Translation Society In Memory of the First Anniversary of the Nirvana of Venerable Master Hsuan Hua and the Twentieth Anniversary of the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas. Burlingame, CA: Buddhist Text Translation Society, Dharma Realm Buddhist University, Dharma Realm Buddhist Association, 1996.

Now I am explaining the Shurangama Mantra for you and it is extremely difficult to encounter such a rare Dharma assembly as this. Billions of eons pass and no one explains the Shurangama Mantra even once. Nor is it easy to explain even once. When I am explaining, I know full well that no one understands what’s being said. Even if there are those who think they do, they don’t really understand. Some think they already understand and so they don’t pay attention, but that’s also failing to understood.

Among the Buddha’s teachings, the Shurangama Mantra is considered to be the king of mantras because it is the longest and most important. The flourish or demise of Buddhism rests entirely with the Shurangama Mantra. It is the efficacious phrases of the Shurangama Mantra that keep heaven and earth from being destroyed. It is the efficacious phrases of the Shurangama Mantra that keep the world from coming to an end. That is why I often tell you that as long as a single person can recite the Shurangama Mantra, the world cannot be destroyed, nor can Buddhism. But when there is no longer anyone who can recite the Shurangama Mantra, then very quickly the world will be destroyed, because the Proper Dharma no longer abides.
Now there are even heavenly demons and externalists who claim that the Shurangama Sutra and the Shurangama Mantra are false. These heaven demons and externalists send their demon sons and grandsons to stir up rumors that cause people to not believe in the Shurangama Sutra and the Shurangama Mantra. This sutra and mantra are critically important to the preservation of the Proper Dharma. The Shurangama Sutra was spoken for the sake of the Shurangama Mantra. There’s no way to ever finish expressing the importance of the Shurangama Sutra and the Shurangama Mantra; to the ends of all time their merits, virtues, and wonderful functions could never be told–so absolutely inconceivable and ineffable are they! When all is said and done, the Shurangama Sutra is an ode to the Shurangama Mantra. As long as there is even one person who can recite the Shurangama Mantra, the demons, ghosts, and strange entities don’t dare show themselves in this world. They fear the mantra. But when not even one person can recite the Shurangama Mantra by heart, then those weird entities, those demons and ghosts will come out of hiding. Depraved and up to no good, they will not be recognized by most people. At this point in time, since there are still those who can recite the mantra from memory, those malevolent beings haven’t made their appearance yet. And so, if you want to keep the world from being destroyed, quickly learn the Shurangama Mantra and read the Shurangama Sutra to keep the Proper Dharma in the world.

Today the explanation of the Shurangama Mantra is beginning. The word “Shurangama” translates as “Ultimately firm and strong.”

The entire title of the Shurangama Mantra is “Great White Canopy of Light Dharani Mantra” (mo he sa dan tuo bo da la tuo lo ni zhou). It is also called “Brilliant Buddha’s Crown, Great White Canopy of Light, Unsurpassed Spiritual Mantra.” The Buddha’s Crown refers to the transformation Buddha atop the Buddha’s crown. There is no way to conceive the subtle wonder of the mantra. The content of the Shurangama Mantra subdues heavenly demons and controls externalists. Every line, from beginning to end, is the Buddhas’ mind-ground Dharma-door. Each line has its own function; each possesses its own esoteric wonder; and each is endowed with incredible power. The recitation of a single word, a single line, a single assembly, or the recitation of the entire mantra causes the heavens to vibrate and the earth to tremble; it’s said that heaven and earth are shocked, the ghosts and spirits wail, the demons keep a wide distance, and mountain and river sprites hide away. That brilliance at the Buddha’s crown represents the power of the mantra that can dispel every sort of darkness and that enables people to amass all kinds of merit and virtue. If you can accept and uphold the Shurangama Mantra, then you will definitely become a Buddha in the future. You will certainly attain the Unsurpassed Proper and Equal Right Enlightenment. If you continually recite the Shurangama Mantra, then you can get rid of your karmic obstacles from last life and all past lives. That’s the incredible function of the Shurangama Mantra!

Mo he is Sanskrit and means “Great.” The substance, appearance and function are all great. The substance is said to be great because it pervades the ten directions; the function fills up empty space and reaches throughout the Dharma Realm; and the appearance–well, there isn’t any appearance. You can say that it neither has any appearance nor lacks any appearance. The function also doesn’t really exist, yet there isn’t any place its function doesn’t reach in all of space and the Dharma Realm. That’s a great function, a great appearance, and a great substance. Pervading the ten directions, exhausting the limits of space, and filling the Dharma Realm is the meaning of “mo he.”

Sa dan tuo, also Sanskrit, means “white” and represents purity and lack of defilement. Pure white Dharma is devoid of filth. The Shurangama Mantra is pure white Dharma.

Bo da la is also Sanskrit and translates as “canopy.” Canopy is an analogy. This canopy provides shelter for those with myriad virtues. The function of this canopy is to protect those endowed with virtue and those practicing virtuous conduct, meaning anyone who encounters this mantra. Those lacking virtuous conduct won’t have an opportunity to meet with this Dharma. It’s said:

The three lights universally illumine, permeating the three forces.
In all this world of Jambudvipa you may not come upon it.
Only those with great virtue and great goodness will attain it.
Those lacking virtue and goodness just won’t understand it.

The three lights universally illumine, permeating the three forces. Here, the three lights do not refer to the sun, moon, and stars. Rather, it means that when you recite the Shurangama Mantra, your body emits light, your mouth emits light, and your mind emits light. It is talking about the light of the three karmas. The three forces refer to heaven, earth, and people. In all this world of Jambudvipa you may not come upon it. Throughout our world, Jambudvipa, you may seek but not find it. You absolutely must uphold the Shurangama Mantra in order to attain this light. If you have amassed virtuous conduct and have magnanimous virtue, then you will be able to attain the Dharma-door. Those lacking virtue and goodness just won’t understand it. If you don’t have sufficient virtue and haven’t done enough good deeds, then even if you come face-to-face with it, you’ll miss your chance. Right within arms’ reach, you’ll lose it. Having come upon gold you’ll mistake it for copper; having found a diamond, you’ll think it’s a piece of glass. You’ll fail to recognize it. You’ll look upon the Shurangama Mantra as nothing at all out of the ordinary, and as a consequence won’t realize it’s the gem of gems, the wonder of wonders! You won’t have any concept of the Shurangama Mantra’s unfathomable merit and virtue.

Besides the three lights emitted when the three karmas of body, mouth, and mind are pure, there is also a swirling red light. Recitation of the Shurangama Mantra generates a swirling red light. It’s described this way:

A thousand petaled red lotus supports one’s body.
As one sits firmly mounted on a black unicorn.
Seeing this, the hordes of monsters go far away to hide.
Dharma Master Ji, the Venerable,
mastered these wonderful sounds.

A thousand petaled red lotus supports one’s body. When you recite the first twenty-nine lines of the Shurangama Mantra a state occurs wherein a red lotus with a thousand petals manifests and emits red light. As one sits firmly mounted on a black unicorn. Upon reciting the Mantra, the person chanting finds himself sitting astride a unicorn. Seeing this, the hordes of monsters go far away to hide. No matter what kind of weird creature or demon or ghost it might be, they all flee, not daring to face such a magnificent and awesome manifestation. The Venerable Ji is a well-known High Master in Buddhism. His expert use of this passage of the mantra to subdue heavenly demons and control externalists was extremely efficacious. And so the last line says: Dharma Master Ji, the Venerable, mastered these wonderful sounds. This passage of the mantra instructs us to “take refuge with all the Buddhas, all the Bodhisattvas, all the Hearers and Condition-Enlightened Ones, and all the gods throughout empty space and the Dharma Realm.” It’s a passage that protects the Triple Jewel, and so when you recite it the demons flee and the ghosts don’t stop running until they’re ten miles away. Not just ten miles, they back off until there’s no more room to retreat. They don’t dare make trouble; they are forced to behave themselves.

That’s a general description of what this passage of mantra is about; the details are even more wonderful.

Unendingly miraculous and mysterious,
it’s extremely hard to fathom.
This vajra secret language wells forth from your own nature.
Inside the Shurangama Mantra is marvelous magic!
Then come five eyes and six penetrations and the Way opens up.

Unendingly miraculous and mysterious, it’s extremely hard to fathom. The Shurangama Mantra is quite esoteric and its changes and transformations are inexplicable; it’s not easy to figure out. This vajra secret language wells forth from your own nature. The Shurangama Mantra is the secret within the secret. That’s the vajras who come to protect the mantra. Your own nature–it is born from your own Buddha nature. Inside the Shurangama Mantra is marvelous magic! The Shurangama Mantra is called an efficacious language because of its spell-binding power. That’s what “marvelous magic” is referring to. Then come five eyes and six penetrations and the Way opens up. If you can continually uphold the Shurangama Mantra–single-mindedly without entertaining other thoughts–then you can attain the Five Eyes and Six Spiritual Penetrations. You will then experience the inconceivable, unfathomable changes and transformations that occur which ordinary people are totally unaware of. And that’s the reason why I hope everyone will learn to read the Shurangama Mantra and memorize it. Why is it that the demons, ghosts, and goblins don’t dare show themselves when you recite the Shurangama Mantra? It’s so powerful that there isn’t a place in all of space or the entirety of the Dharma Realm that isn’t flooded with auspicious light. Recitation of the Shurangama Mantra patches up the imperfections in the heavens and the earth. One person reciting the Shurangama Mantra creates power equivalent to one person. A hundred people reciting create power equivalent to a hundred people. And the weird beings here in this world become very well-behaved. So it’s better if more people recite.

It’s an unsurpassed spiritual mantra. The negating prefix “un-” actually means “lofty to the utmost; brilliant to the extreme.” Peerless radiant illumination piercing the heights is the meaning of “un-”. And “surpassed”? Well, there’s nothing more esteemed, nothing more venerated. “Spiritual” is what is inconceivable and ineffable, what is awe-inspiring, efficacious and unfathomable. The power of mantras brings a response with the Way. When you recite mantras, something happens. “Brilliant Buddha’s Crown, Great White Canopy of Light, Unsurpassed Spiritual Mantra.” This means that the light at the crown of the Buddha’s head is like a great white canopy that comes to shelter and protect all of us who recite the mantra.
No one understands this mantra, nor can they explain line by line and word by word. But if you want to understand it, I can try my best to explain it to you. The Shurangama Mantra can’t be explained in a year’s time, or three years’ time, or even ten years’ time. Now I will explain the general intent of this mantra. This mantra is composed of five assemblies which represent the five directions of east, west, south, north, and center. The east is the vajra division with Akshobhya Buddha as the teaching host. The south is the welling up of jewels division with Welling Up of Jewels Buddha as the teaching host. The center is the Buddha division with Shakyamuni Buddha as the teaching host. The west is the lotus division with Amitabha Buddha as the teaching host. The north is the karma division with Accomplishment Buddha as the teaching host. Altogether these five divisions watch over the five demonic armies that abide in this world. Because of these five demons, the Buddhas split up in five directions to repress these demons. Without the Buddhas, these demons would show themselves here in our world. And so, when you recite the Shurangama Mantra, the five demonic armies in the five directions submit and surrender. They behave themselves and don’t dare try to oppose the power of the Shurangama Mantra. The five divisions in the mantra are what make it so fine. But you shouldn’t be attached. Your becoming attached won’t be so fine.

Within the five assemblies of the Shurangama Mantra are more than thirty sections of Dharmas. Before, when I was in Manchuria, the reason I was able to cure people’s illnesses was all because of the power of the Shurangama Mantra. But the Shurangama Mantra cannot be used casually. If used, it’s not the entire thing that’s used, because within it are, in general, more than thirty different Dharmas. If looked at in detail there are over a hundred.

As to these Dharmas, there’s the Dharma of Accomplishment. That means by reciting the Shurangama Mantra, whatever method you are practicing will be perfected; whatever thing you want to do will get done. There’s also the Dharma of Increasing Benefits. That means, for example, if you don’t have enough resolve for the Way in your practice, by reciting the mantra you can increase your wisdom; increase your Bodhi mind; increase the power of your vows; everything will get better. When you recite the mantra, everything you hope increases will surely do so! It will increase for others, too.
The Dharma of Quelling Disasters means that if a calamity is due, reciting the mantra will make it disappear. The disaster will be quelled. Suppose someone is due to drown in the ocean. Reciting the mantra can change the situation so that he doesn’t get drowned. Or you’re on a boat that’s supposed to sink. Recitation of the mantra can keep the boat from sinking. Or the airplane is supposed to crash, but you are reciting the mantra and so it doesn’t. Nonetheless, you have to take responsibility for dispelling the calamities in your own mind. What calamities are there in your mind? Well, if you merely rely on the mantra, but inside you are a bundle of false and malevolent thoughts, scattered and impure thoughts, lustful thoughts, then you certainly haven’t expelled the calamities in your own mind. In that case, no mantra is going to work. And so if you want to avoid disasters you must first purify your own mind. The purity of your mind is what really dispels calamities. If you are full of greed, hatred, and stupidity, no mantra is going to be efficacious. Our frame of mind is extremely important. We must be kindhearted and filled with goodness, wishing to help others. Our mind should be wholesome.
The Dharma for Hooking and Summoning is for use when you meet up with heavenly demons and externalists and want to catch them. Just as law enforcement officers catch criminals, so too, the Hooking and Summoning Dharma catches weird creatures, demons, and ghosts. They do something here to harm others or do some bad thing that causes people to get sick and then they run away. But you want to catch them and so you recite the mantra, using the Hooking and Summoning Dharma. Well, no matter how far away from you they are, the Dharma-protecting good spirits, or members of the eightfold division, or some of the eighty-four thousand Vajra Treasury Bodhisattvas will immediately snatch them and bring those demonic beings back. Even then, sometimes they won’t give in and you have to use all kinds of expedients to teach and transform them. If you use brute force to subdue them, then that’s the lowest grade of dharma, it’s not a good method. The best methods don’t use any sort of power plays to oppress beings. Don’t oppress them and don’t contend with them. Don’t be like an asura–tough and looking for a fight. Even when you clearly have the power to do so, don’t use the dharmas to subdue them. You should use virtuous conduct to influence beings and then teach and transform them.

And finally, there is the Dharma of Subduing. Demons have spiritual penetrations and they also have mantras. You recite your mantra and they recite theirs. But when you use the Shurangama Mantra, you break through all their mantras and subdue them. You use the power to quell them and make them behave. I’ve told you all before that the Shurangama Mantra has within it a few lines of mantra that rends the nets of demons. Why was the mantra from the Brahma Heavens rendered useless? It was because of the Five Great Hearts Mantra. The Five Great Hearts Mantra destroys the mantras underlying the demons’ and externalists’ spells and incantations. It doesn’t matter what mantra they use, when you recite these lines, their spells are smashed and their mantras become ineffectual. If I wanted to market this Dharma, a million dollars wouldn’t even touch my asking price! But I can see that you have a bit of sincerity and so I am transmitting it to you absolutely free. To sum it up, no matter what Dharma you cultivate, you must have the unsurpassed resolve for Bodhi; you must have great kindness and compassion; you must practice great giving and great renunciation. You must not use the powers you gain in practicing the Way to oppress any other person or to squelch any demon, monster, goblin, or ghost. Furthermore, the Dharma of Auspiciousness enables things to go your way when you recite the mantra. Good fortune prevails. Now I’ve given you an explanation of these Dharmas.

I could talk for several years and never finish describing the good points of this mantra. All Buddhas of the ten directions come forth from the Shurangama Mantra. The Shurangama Mantra is the mother of all Buddhas. It was by means of the Shurangama Mantra that all Buddhas perfected Unsurpassed Proper and Pervasive Enlightened Knowledge. The ability of the Buddhas of the ten directions to create response bodies and go throughout the ten directions turning the Dharma wheel to teach and transform living beings; to rub the crowns of those beings and bestow predictions upon them; to rescue beings from their complex sufferings; to enable beings to escape both large disasters and small calamities–their ability to do all that comes from the power of the Shurangama Mantra Heart. If you want to attain the fruition of Arhatship, you absolutely must recite this mantra to keep demonic things from happening. During the Dharma-ending Age if people can memorize the Shurangama Mantra or encourage others to memorize it, well, fire cannot burn such people and water cannot drown them. No matter how potent a poison, it cannot harm them. For those who recite the Shurangama Mantra, poison turns to sweet dew as soon as it enters their mouths. People who recite the Shurangama Mantra will never get born in bad places, even if they want to. Why is that so? It’s because the Shurangama Mantra pulls you back and won’t allow you to go. Someone who recites the Shurangama Mantra may never have amassed any blessings or virtue, but, simply because he recites the mantra, the Thus Come Ones of the ten directions will bestow their own merit and virtue upon that person. Wouldn’t you call that a bargain? That happens based on the recitation of the Mantra alone. If you recite the Shurangama Mantra, you will continually get to be born at a time when a Buddha is in the world and will be able to immerse yourself in cultivation under that Buddha’s guidance.

If your mind is terribly scattered so that you can’t concentrate and don’t have any samadhi-power, but you think about the Shurangama Mantra and recite it with your lips, the Vajra Treasury King Bodhisattvas will very attentively watch for ways to invisibly help you gradually until your confusion has disappeared and you develop samadhi. They will imperceptibly help you open your wisdom and concentrate your mind to the point that you become crystal clear about all the events spanning the previous eighty-four thousand Ganges’ sands of eons.

If you can learn the Shurangama Mantra until you have memorized it fluently–so that you become one with the mantra–then you attain the mantra’s samadhi and your recitation will be like flowing water, welling up uninterrupted. If you can do that, then at the very least for seven lives to come you will be as wealthy as America’s richest oil magnates. And you say, “That’s great! I’m going to learn the mantra right away! I wouldn’t mind being a magnate of some kind!” Well, if you are that selfish, then don’t even bother learning the mantra. Seven lives pass in the blink of an eye anyway. What should those who learn the Shurangama Mantra be hoping for? You should hope for ultimate Buddhahood; hope to attain the Unsurpassed Proper and Equal Right Enlightenment. Don’t be so petty! Actually those who are really dedicated in reciting the Shurangama Mantra are transformation bodies of Buddhas. Not just any transformation bodies, but those atop the Buddha’s crown–transformation bodies of that transformation body! And so you see that the wonderful aspects of the Shurangama Mantra are difficult to express, difficult to conceptualize. Wherever someone is seriously reciting the Shurangama Mantra, a great white canopy will be there in the space above him. If your skill in reciting the mantra is high-level and far-reaching, then when you recite, the canopy will extend for thousands of miles, preventing any disasters or difficulties. If you only have a little skill, then the canopy will be right above your own head protecting you. If you have virtue in the Way, if you are a High Sanghan, then when you recite, the entire nation will be benefitted and no calamities will occur. Or if disasters are unavoidable, big ones will turn into little ones, and the little ones won’t even happen.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a nationwide famine, plague, war, or plunder, all those kinds of disasters will be alleviated. Suppose you were to write out the Shurangama spiritual mantra and place it at the main entrances to the city, or in its watchtowers or other lookout places; suppose you could inspire the nation’s inhabitants to show interest in the Shurangama Mantra, so that they bow to and revere it and single-mindedly make offerings to it as if they were offering to the Buddhas themselves; suppose you could get every single citizen to wear the mantra on their person or to keep it in their place of residence; well, if you could do that, all disasters would disappear. Whenever the Shurangama Mantra can be found in a place, the gods and dragons are delighted, and so that place will be free from devastating storms; the crops will produce in abundance; and the populace will be peaceful and happy. That is why I say that the merit and virtue of the Shurangama Mantra is inexpressible; it can’t be reckoned in the mind; it can’t be cognized in our thoughts. That’s the wonder of it!

Basically broken precepts cannot be mended. But if you recite the Shurangama Mantra, you can return to purity. But when I say recite, I don’t mean you can just do it casually. You have to attain the mantra-recitation samadhi. The recitation of the mantra must flow forth from your mind and the mantra must flow back into your mind. That’s called “the mantra is the mind and the mind is the mantra.” Your mind and the mantra become united. There isn’t any distinction. It reaches the point where you couldn’t forget it if you wanted to. That’s called even when not reciting, the recitation continues; when reciting there really isn’t any recitation. You recite until there aren’t any idle thoughts remaining. The only function of the mind is the recitation of the Shurangama Mantra. That’s called meshing with the mind. There are no second thoughts. The flow of the mantra’s recitation is like water that flows on in uninterrupted waves. At that point, everything expresses the Mahayana–the sounds of the breezes blowing and the water flowing are all the Shurangama Mantra’s Heart Mantra. If you can reach that level, then if you have broken precepts, you will be able to return to pure precepts. You will be endowed with the precepts without going through the formal transmission. If you are someone who doesn’t want to progress in your practice, who doesn’t want to investigate the Buddhadharma, but you recite the Shurangama Mantra for a period of time, quite naturally you will be inspired to be vigorous; those who lack wisdom can open their wisdom. If you are not pure in your cultivation so that you break your vegetarian practices and violate the precepts, but you have not forgotten the Shurangama Mantra, you will be able to quickly return to purity. If you violated precepts before you began upholding the mantra and prior to receiving the precepts, then once you start reciting the mantra you can completely wipe out all those former offenses, no matter how serious they were, including even the Four Parajikas, the Five Rebellious Acts, the Four or Eight Offenses warranting dismissal from the Sangha, which are basically unpardonable. Not even a hair’s breadth of an offense will remain. And so I say that the power of the Shurangama Mantra is beyond all conception or description!

Some people who learn how efficacious the Shurangama Mantra is decide to exclusively recite it and ignore all other aspects of cultivation. That’s going overboard. In cultivation, no matter what Dharma it is, you have to keep to the Middle Way. Don’t do too much and don’t fail to do enough. Although the mantra is definitely efficacious, still, you have to develop samadhi. The Shurangama Sutra describes how efficacious this mantra is, but it also explains the method of returning the hearing to listen to your own nature by cultivating perfect penetration of the ear organ. That’s also extremely important. While you are reciting the mantra you should be returning your hearing to listen to your own nature. You must reflect within. Didn’t I explain earlier how the mantra becomes the mind and the mind becomes the mantra? The mind and the mantra cannot be separated; they are non-dual. When you get there, then you can attain whatever you seek; everything will go the way you want it to; and you will have success in whatever you undertake. When the mind and the mantra merge into one, then you have actually attained the samadhi of Chan meditation and have acquired real samadhi-power. That is something you should know.

Every line of the Shurangama Mantra contains infinite meanings as well as infinite functions. You should realize that the Shurangama Mantra is the most efficacious language in the world–the efficacious within the efficacious, the esoteric within the esoteric! It is an unsurpassed Dharma Treasure–the gem that can save living beings’ lives. It embraces all that exists. From the Buddhas of the ten directions to the Avichi Hell, all the four kinds of sages and six sorts of common realms pay homage to the Shurangama Mantra. None of the ten Dharma realms transcends its scope. All categories of ghosts, spirits, Dharma-protecting deities, Hearers, Condition-enlightened Ones, up to the Buddha Vehicle are contained within the Shurangama Mantra. The Shurangama Mantra contains the names of ghost and spirit kings. When the names of those leaders are recited, all the ghosts and spirits in their retinues become very obedient and behave themselves. They don’t dare to make trouble. Reciting the Shurangama Mantra every day can cause demonic beings and weird ghosts throughout the world to settle down and stop harming people. The substance and function of the Shurangama Mantra are all-encompassing. It can be said that within the mantra can be found the entirety of Buddhism’s teachings and meanings. If you can understand the Shurangama Mantra, then you have understood the essence of Buddhism’s esoteric teachings. All the inconceivable wonders and esoteric phenomena in the universe are contained in the Shurangama Mantra. If you master the Shurangama Mantra, then you don’t need to study the esoteric school’s white teaching, black teaching, yellow teaching, red teaching or any other teaching. This is the ultimate method of samadhi and the most esoteric Dharma. Unfortunately no one really understands this esoteric Dharma; no one even recognizes it. Most people study it but cannot absorb it; they can only recite it but don’t know its meanings. Basically it’s not necessary to know the meanings of mantras, you need only realize that they are an ineffable efficacious language.

Being able to recite the Shurangama Mantra is a benefit to all beings. Not being able to recite it, you cannot offer that benefit to beings. Quickly learn it, memorize it, investigate and understand it! Then you will be doing what Buddhist disciples should do. The very best is for those who want to recite the Shurangama Mantra to do it for the sake of the entire world; transfer all the merit to the whole world. There isn’t anything more important in Buddhism than the Shurangama Mantra. The Shurangama Mantra is a sure sign of the Proper Dharma. The existence of the Shurangama Mantra ensures the existence of the Proper Dharma. When the Shurangama Mantra is gone, the Proper Dharma is gone. Those who cannot recite this mantra are not worthy of being Buddhist disciples. The Shurangama Mantra is nicknamed “six months’ stupor” because for most people it takes a half year of diligent recitation to get it memorized. Those of us who can recite the Shurangama Mantra have been planting and nurturing good roots for countless eons. Being able to memorize it perfectly and never forget it is evidence of those good roots. Without good roots, not only will you not be able to recite it, you will never even hear of the existence of the Shurangama Mantra; or if you hear of it you won’t understand it and won’t be able to recite it. Truly, then, those who can recite it by heart do have great good roots!

The Shurangama Mantra is a Dharma-door difficult to encounter in billions of eons. For every line we learn and understand, we activate one part of its power. But, then, we must actually put it into practice. However it’s not that you try to make use of the mantra’s vast efficacy and tremendous power. If you use this Dharma but you don’t hold the precepts–like most people who aren’t clear about anything and casually kill, steal, are lustful, lie, and indulge in intoxicants, and who only recite the Five Great Hearts Mantra when some crisis happens–then you are defiling the Dharma and there is no merit in that. If you insist on trying to control the ghosts and order the Dharma protectors around, then you’re just going to be increasing your own karmic offenses. You will bring calamities down upon yourself. Therefore, the first criterion for people who want to cultivate a Dharma is to hold the precepts and place emphasis on developing virtuous conduct. You must not fight, be greedy, seek, be selfish, pursue your own advantages, or lie. If your virtue in the Way is insufficient but you pretend to be a sage who can transmit teachings, or pass yourself off as the leader of a nation, then your behavior is unacceptable. Nowadays everyone is interested in getting the most magic out of mantras, but they are not attentive to their own moral character. And so in fact their recitation will be ineffectual.

Therefore those who study the Shurangama Mantra Dharma must be proper in their behavior, proper in their intent; must not have defiled thoughts, and must not do impure deeds. They should be very attentive to cultivating purity. If on the one hand they cultivate the Shurangama Mantra and on the other hand they don’t follow the rules, then they will get themselves into deep trouble. Everyone should pay close attention to this point. If your intent is not proper and your conduct is not proper, then the Vajra Treasury Bodhisattvas will lose their respect for you and won’t protect you. The Buddhas and Bodhisattvas are compassionate and would not hurt any living being or harm beings out of anger. But their attendants–the Dharma-protectors, gods, dragons, ghosts, and spirits will become enraged. Those evil ghosts and evil spirits, upon seeing you cultivating the mantra while committing offenses, will bring disaster and harm down upon you; will make you feel very uncomfortable; will cause you to get in grave trouble; or make you have to undergo a series of misfortunes or a series of retributions. This is really no joking matter! Therefore you must eat vegetarian food and purify yourself. Most of all your mind must be pure. Don’t have defiled false thoughts. Maintain physical purity and don’t practice defiling dharmas. At all times guard your purity. Don’t commit even the slightest infractions of the rules.

Reciting the Shurangama Mantra is more valuable than any amount of gold. Reciting the mantra once is equivalent to tons of gold! But your recitation shouldn’t be motivated by greed! If you hold the precepts, then you won’t be jealous or obstructive; you won’t be greedy or angry and your recitation of the mantra will generate pervasive responses and massive benefits. But if your behavior doesn’t accord with the rules, the Dharma protecting good spirits will stay far away from you and when something happens to you they won’t pay any attention. Therefore, those who recite the Shurangama Mantra shouldn’t be cunning or behave in ways that continually create offenses. At all times they should be open and public-spirited; they should strive to benefit others, not themselves; they should cherish the ideals of Bodhisattvas; and cultivate the practices of Bodhisattvas.

The Shurangama Mantra is extremely efficacious, but it is not that easy to master. First of all you cannot be selfish; next you cannot be out to get your own private gains. You have to be magnanimous and devoid of selfish thoughts. You have to be impartial and not prejudiced. You have to be willing to sacrifice yourself for the sake of others. You have to have the resolve to universally save all living beings. If you can embody the above-listed qualities, then you will have swift success. Pay close attention: you must hold the five precepts and practice the ten good deeds. That’s the very least you should do.
It won’t work to practice this Dharma if you are not following the rules. If you cultivate this Dharma but you don’t behave yourself; if you don’t guard the precepts or if you are always having defiled thoughts, then not only will there be no response, not only will you have no success, you will in fact bring disaster down upon yourself. And so when you are cultivating the Shurangama Mantra you must be very attentive to maintain purity with your body, your mouth, and your mind. That’s the only way you’re going to get a response. You cannot say things that cause schisms or make people in the Way-place uneasy. You must pay attention to all aspects of your behavior, whether walking, standing, sitting, or lying down. It’s not all right to always be “washing other peoples’ clothes” as it were. Take care of yourself. Look into yourself.

The Shurangama Mantra is an efficacious language. Every line has its own particular efficacy. But you don’t need to think: Why don’t I get any responses from holding the Shurangama Mantra. Don’t pay any attention to whether there are responses or not, just keep reciting it. It’s like practicing martial arts, every day you have to practice your punches, regardless of what your skill is like. Skill comes through training. It’s impossible to have skill without training. By the same principle, you should cultivate your Dharmas every day, no matter what happens, no matter how busy you are. Don’t slack off after you’ve been at it for a while, losing interest in the Shurangama Mantra. It’s certainly not the case that you will have some efficacious response as soon as you begin reciting it. Regardless of whether you perceive any response, you should continue reciting it every day. You must deepen your skill day by day. Success doesn’t happen overnight. For instance you have to study for ten, twenty, or even thirty years before you gain real scholarship. It’s the same with cultivation. You must keep your mind on your recitation of the mantra, continuing your recitation without ever letting it get cut off. It should be just as important as putting on clothes, eating food, and going to sleep; you shouldn’t be able to be without it for a single day. It doesn’t matter whether there’s any response, because by reciting every day you will gradually have a foundation and quite naturally the mantra will function.

If you hope for its wonderful functions and inconceivable power, then you must not keep having false thoughts, always day-dreaming and fantasizing. If you cut off your recitation of the mantra, then you will not be able to attain samadhi. You must use your true mind and practice the Shurangama Mantra with sincerity. What’s a true mind? It means that for the sake of reciting the Shurangama Mantra you can forget all about time and even space disappears. You don’t know if it’s day or night; you don’t know if you’ve eaten or not; you don’t know if you’ve slept or not. You forget everything else. Everything disappears and one thought extends for infinite eons, while infinite eons is one thought. That’s the kind of spirit you should have–forgetting to eat and sleep for the sake of cultivating the Shurangama Mantra. In that way you certainly can attain the Shurangama Samadhi. If you cannot be that way, then you aren’t really cultivating the Shurangama Dharma-door. You should be that way not only in cultivating the Shurangama Mantra, but in the cultivation of any Dharma door–walking without realizing you are walking; sitting with being aware you are sitting; being unaware that you are thirsty or hungry. “Well,” you say, “isn’t that just turning into a stupid person?” That’s right. It’s said,

When you learn to be a big idiot, then you start to have some skill;
Studying until you are as if stupid is the beginning of real insight.

If you can learn to be as if stupid, then no matter what Dharma door you cultivate you will attain samadhi and gain some realization. It’s just because you are unable to be stupid that you cannot properly enter into samadhi and don’t get any response from your cultivation.

When you are developing your skill in reciting the Shurangama Mantra, you may dream of yourself bowing to the Buddhas; or in a dream see the Buddhas emitting light; or dream that you see the Buddha come as rub the crown of your head; or dream that the Buddhas speak Dharma for you; or dream that you see the Bodhisattvas, or Condition-enlightened Ones, or Hearers, or Sagely Sanghans or gods and heavenly generals; or in a dream see yourself ascending into space; or dream that you can fly. All of these are good experiences. Or you may be riding a horse or crossing a river and encounter all sorts of auspicious lights; or there may be other extremely rare appearances that manifest. If you do attain responses such as these, then you should be very careful. You should bring forth the resolve for Bodhi; guard the purity of the karma created by your body, mouth, and mind; and increase your efforts and tighten your skill in reciting the mantra. You should not tell others what kinds of responses you’ve had in order to get others to believe in you or to think highly of you. It’s enough for you yourself to know what responses you’ve had. If you keep advertising your own merits and selling your cultivation out on the streets, then you are wrong. If you act like that, you leave yourself open and the demons will attack. That’s like failing to put your jewels in a safebox. If you leave them at the doorway, then someone is certainly going to steal them. Therefore, we must be very careful in our cultivation of the Buddhadharma. Don’t let the heavenly demons and externalists have their way with you. But you can report your experiences to your fellow-cultivators if you are not doing it in order to get famous or rich or to make people respect and praise you.

The Shurangama Sutra says, “If you recite and uphold the Shurangama Mantra until you gain skill and can make it function, then eighty-four thousand Vajra Treasury Bodhisattvas and their retinue of followers will always stay near you and protect you, so that everything you hope for will come true.” But the demon kings never give up searching for a hole so they can give you more trouble than you can handle.

In the past, Great Master Hongren, the Fifth Patriarch, was cultivating in Hubei at East Mountain. He upheld the precepts strictly and cultivated with unusual intensity. Once when a group of bandits surrounded the city of Hubei, Great Mater Hongren could bear it no longer and decided to try to save the people in that city. He came down the mountain and walked into that city. As soon as the bandits saw Great Master Hongren coming, they were terrified, dropped their armor and weapons, and fled. Why? Because although Great Master Hongren came alone into the city, the bandits saw an army of heavenly generals and heavenly troops clad in golden armour. It was as if the gods themselves had come down to earth–all donning golden armour and carrying jeweled swords and other awesome weapons. That’s what caused the bandits to retreat in such haste. And so, without the use of a single knife, spear, or arrow, he routed the bandits. It was because Great Master Hongren recited the Shurangama Mantra that the bandits found him to be so terrifying. You could say that was a manifestation created by the Vajra Treasury Bodhisattvas or you could say it was the awesome virtue of Great Master Hongren that frightened them. That a cultivator was able to frighten the bandits into retreat without the use of a single soldier or weapon is verification of his genuine skill. How else could there have been such a response in the Way?

Shakyamuni Buddha proclaimed the Shurangama Mantra in order to protect of all of us who have brought forth the initial resolve to study the Way; to aid us in attaining samadhi; to help us be at peace in body and mind; and to keep us out of trouble. Therefore we should never forget this Dharma. We should recite and uphold the Shurangama Mantra with single-minded sincerity. By doing so we are helping to perpetuate the Buddhadharma, to keep the Proper Dharma long in the world.





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Many times, when a layman tried to start xiu xing, there seems to be alot of obstacles and hinderance happen to him..

well…its becos their negative karmic energy is too saturated..and their karma debtors dun want them to start at all…

so its important to do 忏悔, aka pleading guity towards karmic debtors…there are tonnes of 忏悔 methods..available…



I will like to intro some VOWS here..


1> do 五体头地,大礼拜访 10,000 times with in 7 days infront of ur house altar or temple


2> chant 百字明长咒 OR 往生咒 10,000 times and dedicate it to ur karmic debtors within 49 days

3> make 1 statue of 地藏王菩萨 and pray to it , chant 南无大愿地藏王菩萨,1000 TIMES EVERYDAY FOR 49 DAYS







10> 放生 1000 TIMES WITHIN 10 YEARS

i personally think taking a serious vows and encouraging ppl around you to do merits is the easierst..

but very funny, many of my students and client , never bother to educate ppl around them to do merits..they merely quitely do themselves…

i ask them y..they say pai say…/lazy to talk so much/ dun noe hw to say/ aiya..they dun understand 1 lah/ dun dare to BEOC scared wait ppl say them mi xin..


kakaka…full of craps…as a xiu xing ren..spreading dharma is 1 of the core responsibily..

beside know what is good..and becos of ur own pride/ laziness/ selfishness …..

you din spread dharma to the close 1 next to you.

love? care? fillial?….you can fullfill many physical aspect for ur loves 1..but its not a true concern.. hv u ever spare a tots for their karmic debt?

many will say..aiya i will chant and dedicate to them loh..

well…fyi, chanting on behalf of another person..that person only recieve 1 /7 of the merits…


so guys…dun be lazy..lets turn the dharma wheel…


Posted in Feng Shui on May 12, 2008 by Zacken99


I sincerely hope…all those that have been reading my blog, will patiently finish viewing this clip..


Thank you…


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call up a few student today and check with their progress in cultivation..

super dissapointed..


only 1 word can describe…laziness…


came to me persude me to teach the end ..when their crisis is over..cultivation is also over..



will only beg for a chance and forgivness when hv problem..

but when they is no problem…cultivation???oh please…TV is more important, play game is more important…movies even more important..

I think its maybe my fault…I teach them to be high in ling energy cultivation, but i din teach them..dhamma wisdom..i din teach them to be pro active…i din open the book for them i din highlight to them the important verses..the worst part..i din memorize for them..kakakaka..

its ok…if im such a lousy teacher..i couldnt help them to become more dhamma wise..well i will quit..

those who i call up today …dun hv to look for me any more…I dun fit to be your teacher..



Mt Tia had 3 daughters, J, Y and F…

I had service Mr Tia for almost 3 years…all his family members ba zi/house fengshui was all consult by me..

he call me 2day..telling me F was in trouble…she lost her mind 2day and strip in her workplace..and  was in deep sleep for more than 14 hrs..

I was quite stunt upon hearing that..I ask Mr Tia to tell me more details..after much questioning..

he finally told me the truth…he invite a china geomacer recon by his relatives to re-adjust his house and his 3 daughters house fengshui…

Begining of this yr when i was doing the yearly consultation, i warn F to be careful cos she fan 五鬼 this year..and her ba zi ji water , dun go near sea and must continue ti keep her bedroom pink..

however, the china geomancer told her otherwise..he said F was in her super good luck this year no ji at all..and if wana further enhance her luck..she must keep her room blue…

what he said turn out to be something more pleasant to F than I do..and thus F took his advise..

but after 2 weeks plus ..this incident happen…

Mr Tia want me to go over immediately…

I hv this rule..if a person engage another consultant to alter my advise..I will not touch it again..

its a matter of trust…so i decline Mr Tia invite..I ask him to go look for the china master instead..

Mr Tia start to get irritated…he rise his voice, saying he will pay me double..

i laugh..i told him i will pay him 3 triple…i will foot his consultsant fees if the china master can settle his daughter case…

very kindly..he slammed my phone..

many might so snobbish..but to me trust is very important..if after 3 yrs of still can go engage another master..then i guess there is no turst at all…y should I do it..??

Im not rich but im not a begger…I dun need to beg for customer..

many like to negotiate the ba zi price or fengshui price with me..for the fact…i think Im the cheapest around hahaha…

I was wondering in my mind…I think many ppl hv a very wrong concept..they think when they engage me..they r doing me a favour..letting me earn money..but they dun understand..its another way doing them a favour my helping to solve life problem…dun tell me ur life is soo cheap..only worth jus a few tens dollar…..still want discount..OMG…


if 2day u r really broke and badly in need of help, dun take payment i also do for you..but if u r ok financially…i dun see wat wrong am i doing in demanding a fees for helping u…

cos the fees collected from u not only use for my own will be also to use as a kind of donation to many charity act…..


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你有大悲心,就是念〈大悲咒〉;你没有大悲心,就是没念〈大悲咒〉。你天天从早晨念到晚念〈大悲咒〉:「南无喝啰怛那哆啰夜耶……」,但你若没有大慈 悲心,那就不是念〈大悲咒〉;你就是没念〈大悲咒〉,但你尽存着大慈悲心,那也就是念〈大悲咒〉。明白了吗?所以念咒,若存慈悲心,才是真念咒呢!

什么是〈大悲咒〉?「平等心是!」最平等心,没有分别心。平等,就是无党无偏,这种心就是〈大悲咒〉。你念〈大悲咒〉,若尽存着一个私人结党的心: 「这个人是我的兄弟,我就和他近一点;那个人是我的朋友,我就和他亲一点;哦!那个人我不认识他,我就和他远一点。」这就不平等。

平等,兄弟也是平等,不是兄弟也是平等;朋友、兄弟、一切一切人,都是平等待遇,都一样的。我对我兄弟好,对一切人,也都当我兄弟这么看,这就是平等 心 。我对父母孝顺,对一切老人也都当父母那样看待,那样观想,都要对他们孝顺,这也就是平等心。这平等心,总而言之,就无党──没有个党派,无偏──不偏私 的平等心。你有了平等心,这就是念〈大悲咒〉;你没有平等心,就是没有念〈大悲咒〉。





大悲大咒通地天 一百一千十王欢
大悲大慈能祛病 孽镜一照匾高悬

大悲大咒通地天:这有大慈大悲的大咒﹣﹣咒中之王﹣﹣通地天。它通天彻地的,你一念〈大悲咒〉,天上的神,都要恭恭敬敬地来听你诵咒;一切鬼,也都要 合起掌来,跪那儿静听你诵〈大悲咒〉。为什么〈大悲咒〉能降伏天魔、制诸外道?就因为他们一听到〈大悲咒〉,就好像听到号令,都要依照这命令去做。所以你 念〈大悲咒〉,天上的天也震动了,地下的地也震动了,通天彻地。

一百一千十王欢:你每天能诵满一百零八遍,念一千天;或者你一天念一千遍,能念一千天,那更好。一年是三百六十五天,一千天就是三年。你念三年,每天 不间断;并且你每天什么时候念〈大悲咒〉,一定在什么时候念,怎样忙也念一百零八遍。念到三年的时候,地狱里头的十殿 阎 君──一殿阎罗王、二殿阎罗王,乃至十殿 阎 君──都生欢喜了,说:「若有一个人修大悲法,每天念〈大悲咒〉一百零八遍,再能修四十二手法,这是相得益彰,有双倍的功效,能有这两种的力量!」这叫一 百一千十王欢。

大悲大慈能祛病:〈大悲咒〉为什么叫〈大悲咒〉呢?因为「悲能拔苦」,它能把一切众生的苦难都拔出来;这是「拔苦予乐」,所以叫〈大悲咒〉。拔苦予 乐,主要的就是可以治病﹣﹣世界上有八万四千种病,无论有什么病痛,若诚心念〈大悲咒〉,病都会好。有的说:「我念〈大悲咒〉,怎么不好呢?」因为你没有 诚心;若有诚心,一定有感应的。

孽镜一照匾高悬:在你一天念一百零八遍,念了一千天,也就是三年的时候,十殿 阎 君欢喜了,什么病都可以治。这时你立了很多功;因为三年的时间,天天诵咒,而又不造业。

在地狱里头,就是十殿阎君那儿,有一个孽镜台。什么叫孽镜台?你一生所造的孽,在地狱这个地方都会显现出 来了。你所行所做,就像演电影,一幕一幕地在孽镜里现出来。你杀过人,在孽镜里就现出你杀人的情形;你偷人家东西,在孽镜里就现出你去偷东西;你放火,在 孽镜里就现出你放火;或者你尽好喝酒、尽打妄语,做不正当的事,也都现出来。总之,你造什么业就现出什么。如果你没有业了呢?这个镜也就没有任何的境界现 前。

所以你诵咒的这三年,若不饮酒、不吃肉、不吃五辛,孽镜一照,你的业障都空了;那么在地狱里,就给你挂上一块匾说:「某某人诵持〈大悲咒〉,已经把他 的罪业消了,所有地狱的一切鬼神,见到这个人都应该叩头礼拜,和恭敬尊重三世诸佛一样;也都应该保护这个人,如保护一切诸佛一样。也应该到处告诉其它的鬼 神,见到这个人,不可给他麻烦。」所以〈大悲咒〉这种力量,是不可思议的

今天是大悲七开始。晚间洒净之后,开始诵持大悲神咒。这个大悲咒是过去九十九亿恒河沙数诸佛所说的神咒。观世音菩萨为怜悯你我他一切众生,发大悲心, 倒驾慈航,来娑婆世界,度你我他一切众生出离苦海,得到解脱。所谓「苦海无边,回头是岸」。只要虔诚诵持大悲咒,必有不可思议的感应。

观世音菩萨在无量劫以前,听到千光王静住如来为他演说大悲神咒之法,以金色手摩其顶。聆听之后,即超过第八地菩萨之位,心生大欢喜,立即发大愿心: 「我若能利益一切众生,令我实时生千手千眼。」发愿之后,忽然大地震动,十方诸佛之光,照射彼身,顿时生出千手千眼之庄严相。手有提拔之力,眼有照明之 用。千手千眼乃表示有千种神通和智慧。


诵持大悲咒,不但能得到自在,而且所求皆能满愿。能离开苦难,而得到快乐。把危险度过,而得到平安。怎样能离苦难?就要诵大悲咒。怎样得脱危险?就要 诵持大悲咒。不要把大悲咒,看成简单平常。我告诉你们,如果在过去、现在,没有善根的话,你们连大悲咒的名字,也不会听见,何况诵持呢!现在不但听到大悲 咒的名字,而且还至诚的诵持大悲咒。这是百千劫难遭遇的机会,且又有善知识指导,如何诵持,如何受持,如何修持,可见这是值得你们重视的。总而言之,大悲 咒有意想不到的好处。

在这七天之内,必须诚心诚意、必恭必敬诵持大悲咒。诵到极点,心无妄想。此时,心地清净,或者有人见到光出现,或者有人见华出现,或者蒙观音菩萨摩 顶,加持开智慧,或者嗅到异香扑鼻的天香。但也许有人虽然恳切至诚诵大悲咒,可是没有遇着什么境界。你不要灰心,要再接再厉,继续的诵持。到时候,一定会 有感应道交的境界,降临在你的面前。

无论见到境界或没有见到境界,都要精进的诵持。见到瑞相的人,不要执着在瑞相上。没有见到瑞相的人,也不要生出自卑感:「啊!我没有善根,为什么我没 有见到菩萨?」善根有早熟与晚熟,如果感觉自己的善根尚未成熟,应该栽培善根,多做功德事。所谓「未种善根,令种善根。已种善根,令其增长。已增长者,令 其成熟。已成熟者,令其解脱。」

各位初次来金山禅寺,研究佛法,修习佛法,要拿出诚心来学习,不怕苦、不怕难。在这七天之内,要勇猛精进,不要打妄想。如果一面修行,一面打妄想,功 夫不会专一。不专一,便得不到感应。所谓「专一则灵,分歧则弊。」专一其心的念,就有灵感;若是杂念纷飞,就不会有感应。这一点,各位要特别注意!

诵持大悲咒所得到的好处,就是尽未来际也说不完。凡是诵持大悲咒的人,绝对不堕落三恶道。如堕落三恶道中,观世音菩萨他也誓不成佛。诵持大悲咒的人, 其一切愚痴,若不变为智慧,观世音菩萨他誓不成佛。大悲咒能治世间八万四千种疾病。如有疾病,甚至中西医生,束手无策,你若虔诚诵持大悲咒,一定不药而 愈。就有这样不可思议的神效。

在金山禅寺就有人得到这种的感应,最不容易医治的癌症,诵大悲咒,却把绝症念好了。大悲咒的神力,妙不可言,只看你们在这七天的功夫如何?谁有诚心谁 就有感应,得到好处。有病的人,病会痊愈。无病的人,能开智慧。求什么得什么。所以大悲咒是不可思议广大灵感无碍大悲心陀罗尼。陀罗尼译为总持,「总一切 法,持无量义。」也就是咒,或咱 u 言。总之,是极密之语。密咒有四义:

1. 咒中有鬼神王的名字,小鬼听到王的名字,不能撒野,都守规矩了。
2. 如军中的口令,相应无事,不相应则治罪。
3. 咒能秘密地把你的罪业消了,令人不知道。
4. 咒是诸佛秘密言语,只有佛才知其道理。










在这七天的期间,我们又念〈大悲咒〉。这个〈大悲咒〉的功德,是不可思议的,如果没有相当善根,就连「大悲咒」这三个字,也不能轻易听到,现在大家不 但能闻其名,而且更能受持读诵,足见各位具大善根,曾于诸佛时种诸善根了,既然有大善根,那么大家便不可轻易空过此生。


现在我说一段故事,来证明〈大悲咒〉的功德:在我们东北地方,有一个财主,他拥有很多田产,有一年的秋天,这个财主他亲自随着四、五辆大货车,满载着 高粱到市上去卖。因为乡间和城市的距离有一百五十多里路,所以,他在凌晨一时多,就赶车起程,可是在半途中不幸遇贼,那财主见前面有贼,就念起〈大悲 咒〉。说也奇怪,那帮土匪竟然像瞎子一样,看不见他的车,于是乎,他们便安全渡过难关,这是我所见闻〈大悲咒〉的灵感之一。




你要是单单记得〈大悲咒〉,单单学过〈大悲咒〉,而不诵不持,这是没有用的!你必须要诵。诵,就是离开书本来诵念〈大悲咒〉。持,不是今天诵念,明天 就不诵念,后天又诵念了;这个持,就是持续不断的意思。你今天念一百零八遍,明天也要念一百零八遍,后天也要念一百零八遍,天天这么继续不间断的,这叫诵 持;你要是间断,就谈不到诵持了!





南莫 阿来 单那都来呀也

南莫 哦哩也

泼露接地 苏佛来也

菩提洒豆坡也 磨合洒豆坡也

磨合加 露泥加也

安 洒坡来发嘿 书单那但写

南莫世界利多 一莫噢力也泼露接地 苏佛来

林托坡 南莫 那来矜持 蓄力磨合繁多沙弥 萨坡和他都


萨坡萨坡那么坡 萨坡那么坡借 模范特豆


安 哦泼陆续 露加地 加露滴 一蓄力


洒坡洒坡 莫来莫来

默许默许 力托运


度路度路 发洒叶地默默

发洒叶地 都来都来 地里泥

苏佛来也 这来这来

默默乏莫来 莫地里


佛来舍利 发沙发伸 佛来 舍也



洒来洒来蓄力蓄力苏露苏露 菩提叶

菩提叶 普脱业 普脱业


色你那破业莫拿 洒坡喝

需脱业 洒坡喝

磨合需脱业洒坡喝 是脱寓意

是佛来也 洒坡喝

那来矜持 洒坡喝


哦莫去也 洒坡喝

洒坡莫喝哦需脱业 洒坡喝

这几来哦需脱业 洒坡喝

普脱莫借是脱业 洒坡喝

那来矜持坡接来也 洒坡喝

莫坡力生节 来也 洒坡喝


南莫 哦力也 泼露接地洒坡来也 洒坡喝

安 是 天都 慢多来 本脱业 洒坡喝


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  1.1 《地藏经》是一部记载着万物众生其生、老、病、死的过程,及如何让人自己改变命运以起死回生的方法,并能够超拨过去世的冤亲债主,令其究竟解脱的因果经。人的生灭自无始劫以来皆轮回不已,福报的聚集和修行功德力的累积是他人无法替代的。所以读经能使我们明白关于业障的问题如何处理,以及如何修福修慧,广利有情众生。
  1.2 《地藏经》融合了地藏菩萨的大悲愿和诸佛菩萨的见证,最可贵的是,整部经典皆以白话文来叙述佛陀深入浅出的慈心开示。对于深究佛法的修行者,可以印证因缘果报论的不可思议;而初发心者,也可以相应契入地藏王菩萨的教化悲愿。在所有经典中,佛理浅显易懂,又不需要他人来传授的,唯有此部《地藏菩萨本愿经》。


  2.1 持诵时必须发出声音,但无须大声朗诵,重以诚心诚意的恭敬心和忏悔心护念之。(注一)
  2.2 持诵时,或跪、或立、或坐皆可。
  2.3 24小时皆可持诵,但每部持诵过程以90分钟为最适当,速度宜不急不徐,切莫过快,否则诵经之功德力将会减少。若以速度取功德则是以贪执心修法,非正法;诵经重点贵于以虔诚恭敬之心相应之。(注二)
  2.4 关于诵经立香案:家中若有佛堂者,需奉三柱香,口念:“恭请南无大慈大悲地藏王菩萨慈悲护持”(三称)。持诵经文之中,若间隔一小时以上需要重新恭请。(注三)
  2.5 持诵的过程可能会有一些现象,例如:头晕目眩、流眼泪、字体模糊、身体酸软不适、心生疑惑、杂念纷至等,尤以刚开始持诵的第一个月内最为严重。遇此情况者,种种现象乃累生累世的冤亲债主作祟所致,应以最忏悔的心,祈求冤亲债主原谅,更要以最勇敢负责的心来圆满现前之因缘果报。













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  华香申虔敬 幢幡添庄严 缯彩衣服衬慈颜  
  净水涤尘垢 璎珞散光明 珍宝玩具供怡情  
  斋食勤护净 舍宅充道场 伎乐歌咏愿承欢  
  钱财广布施 庄园建佛堂 燃灯涂香常显扬  
  敬礼 释迦牟尼佛  
  敬礼 师子奋迅具足万行如来  
  敬礼 觉华定自在王如来  
  敬礼 一切智成就如来  
  敬礼 清净莲华目如来  
  敬礼 无边身如来  
  敬礼 宝性如来  
  敬礼 波头摩胜如来  
  敬礼 师子吼如来  
  敬礼 拘留孙佛  
  敬礼 毗婆尸佛  
  敬礼 宝胜如来  
  敬礼 宝相如来  
  敬礼 袈裟幢如来  
  敬礼 大通山王如来  
  敬礼 净月佛  
  敬礼 山王佛  
  敬礼 智胜佛  
  敬礼 净名王佛  
  敬礼 智成就佛  
  敬礼 无上佛  
  敬礼 妙声佛  
  敬礼 满月佛  
  敬礼 月面佛  
  敬礼 地藏菩萨摩诃萨(三反)  
  敬礼 四方天王  
  敬礼 阎罗王众  
  敬礼 坚牢地神  
  恒沙誓愿 救拔群生 渡尽方证真  
  功德利益 不可思议 有缘咸蒙恩  
  亿万方便 不舍罪众 分身遍法界  
  大力威神 承佛咐嘱 救苦担重任  
   地藏菩萨本愿经   唐于阗国三藏沙门实叉难陀译  


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楊枝淨水 遍灑三千 性空八德利人天 福壽廣增延 滅罪消愆 火燄化紅蓮 南無清涼地菩薩摩訶薩(三稱)  











(三)大悲咒 (49遍以上)  
南無喝囉怛那哆囉夜耶 南無阿唎耶 婆盧羯帝爍缽囉耶 菩提薩埵婆耶 摩訶薩埵婆耶 摩訶迦盧尼迦耶 唵 薩皤囉罰曳數怛那怛寫南無悉吉栗埵伊蒙阿唎耶 婆盧吉帝室佛囉愣馱婆 南無那囉謹墀 醯利摩訶皤哆沙咩 薩婆阿他豆輸朋 阿逝孕 薩婆薩哆那摩婆薩哆 那摩婆伽摩罰特豆怛姪他 唵 阿婆盧醯 盧迦帝 迦羅帝 夷醯唎 摩訶菩提薩埵 薩婆薩婆 摩囉摩囉 摩醯摩醯唎馱孕 俱盧 俱盧竭蒙 度盧度盧罰闍耶帝摩訶罰闍耶帝 陀囉陀囉 地唎尼 室佛囉耶 遮囉遮囉 摩麼罰摩囉 穆帝隸 伊醯伊醯 室那室那 阿囉參佛囉舍利 罰沙罰參佛囉舍耶 呼嚧呼嚧摩囉呼嚧呼嚧醯利 婆囉娑囉 悉唎悉唎 蘇嚧蘇嚧 菩提夜菩提夜 菩駛夜菩馱夜彌帝唎夜 那囉謹墀 地利瑟尼那 波夜摩那 娑婆訶 悉陀夜 娑婆訶摩訶悉陀夜 娑婆訶悉陀喻藝 室皤囉耶 娑婆訶 那囉謹墀 娑婆訶 摩囉那囉 娑婆訶 悉囉僧阿穆佉耶 娑婆訶 娑婆摩訶阿悉陀夜 娑婆訶者吉囉阿悉陀夜 娑婆訶 波陀摩羯悉陀夜 娑婆訶那囉謹墀皤伽囉耶 娑婆訶 摩婆利勝羯囉夜娑婆訶 南無喝囉但那哆囉夜耶 南無阿唎耶婆嚧吉帝爍皤囉夜 娑婆訶 唵悉殿都 漫多囉 跋陀耶娑婆訶  


南無大悲觀世音菩薩 (十稱)  



南無阿彌多婆夜 哆他伽多夜 哆地夜他 阿彌利都婆毗 阿彌利多 悉耽婆毗 阿彌利哆 毗迦蘭帝 阿彌利哆 毗伽蘭多 伽彌膩 伽伽那 枳多迦利 婆婆訶  

(四)般若波羅蜜多心經 (一遍)  

觀自在菩薩 行深般若波羅蜜多時 照見五蘊皆空 度一切苦厄 舍利子 色不異空 空不異色 色即是空 空即是色 受想行識 亦復如是 舍利子是諸法空相 不生不滅 不垢不淨 不增不減 是故空中無色 無受想行識 無眼耳鼻舌身意 無色聲香味觸法 無眼界乃至無意識界 無無明 亦無無明盡乃至無老死 亦無老死盡 無苦集滅道 無智亦無得 以無所得故 菩提薩埵 依般若波羅蜜多故 心無罣礙 無罣礙故 無有恐怖 遠離顛倒夢想 究竟涅槃三世諸佛 依般若波羅蜜多故 得阿耨多羅三藐三菩提 故知般若波羅蜜多 是大神咒 是大明咒 是無上咒 是無等等咒 能除一切苦 真實不虛故說般若波羅蜜多咒 即說咒曰 揭諦揭諦 波羅揭諦 波羅僧揭諦 菩提薩婆訶  

(五)百字明咒 (七遍)  





願以此功德  普及於一切 我等與眾生 皆共成佛道   
迴向弟子 身體健康 病體速癒 業障消除 福慧增長  
解冤釋結 常住安樂 吉祥圓滿  


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南無大悲觀世音, 願我速知一切法。 
南無大悲觀世音, 願我早得智慧眼。 
南無大悲觀世音, 願我速度一切眾。 
南無大悲觀世音, 願我早得善方便。 
南無大悲觀世音, 願我速乘般若船。 
南無大悲觀世音, 願我早得越苦海。 
南無大悲觀世音, 願我速得戒定道。 
南無大悲觀世音, 願我早登涅槃山。 
南無大悲觀世音, 願我速會無為舍。 
南無大悲觀世音, 願我早同法性身。 


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南無宮毗羅大將 南無伐折羅大將 南無迷企羅大將 
南無安底羅大將 南無頞禰羅大將 南無珊底羅大將 
南無因達羅大將 南無波夷羅大將 南無摩虎羅大將 
南無真達羅大將 南無招杜羅大將 南無毗羯羅大將 (三遍) 
弟子 ○○○至誠祈求大慈大悲藥師琉璃光如來及藥師海會諸大聖眾慈悲證明,弟子○○○因為過去生中不明因果,有殘害欺惱有情冤親 ◎◎◎等,今日至心在佛前向有情冤親◎◎◎等求哀懺悔。弟子○○○至誠祈求大慈大悲藥師琉璃光如來慈悲加被,令弟子○○○與有情冤親◎◎◎等能夠解冤釋結,轉惡緣為善緣。 
南無宮毗羅大將 南無伐折羅大將 南無迷企羅大將 
南無安底羅大將 南無頞禰羅大將 南無珊底羅大將 
南無因達羅大將 南無波夷羅大將 南無摩虎羅大將 
南無真達羅大將 南無招杜羅大將 南無毗羯羅大將 (三遍) 
回向:願以此功德 ,回向消災弟子◎◎◎及累世有情冤親等,業障消除,福慧增長,身心柔軟,清涼自在,遠離惡緣,具足善緣,皈依三寶,發菩提心,同生淨土,早日成佛。





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       QIE TUO

       SO HA


































八、施无遮真言 (默念偈语一遍,咒语七遍)


早上:法力不思议  慈悲无障碍

七粒遍十方  普施周沙界




中午:大鹏金翅鸟  旷野鬼神众

罗刹鬼子母  甘露悉充满




晚上:汝等鬼神众  我今施汝供

此食遍十方  一切鬼神共






愿生西方净土中  九品莲花为父母

花开见佛悟无生  不退菩萨为伴侣


You can click >>>>


to see the full demo of the above 甘露施食仪轨




















































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1. 祈请十方法界,当成就,未成就之一切众生,




 (3 TIMES)


2> 净法界真言 



3> 普召请真言






4> 解怨结真言







4> 百字明短咒




5>  护生咒





7> 补缺真言







(you can chant OM MA NI PEH MEH HONG when you doing the release…) 


9> 回向

  我(YOUR NAME) , 愿以此放生功德回向给我众冤亲债主, 解怨解结,


Protected: 我问心无愧!

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Protected: 遗憾

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Signs & Disadvantages of Degeneration………

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Signs & Disadvantages
of Degeneration
(Notes by Mariusz Mantur. The Lamrim – Gradual Path to Enlightenment).
The 5 Features of the Degenerate Times
- Degenerate Periods, when many new diseases, wars and disasters are spreading;
- Degenerate Beings, who generally have wrong ideals, and are dangerous, aggressive, intolerant, shameless or have pleasure in non-virtue actions;
- Degenerate Delusions, which totally absorbs the Minds of Beings;
- Degenerate Life-span, which is generally very short and fragile;
- Degenerate Views, which are common,misleading and dangerous
8 Circumstanced Hindrances
- 5 poisons of the Mind
- illiteracy of the Dharma
- False Teacher
- Laziness
- Undermining Oneself
- Slavery
- Life Obstacles
- Worldly Attachments
8 Hindrances of Mind Separated from the Dharma
- Hardship to satisfy Loved ones
- Lack of Human Feelings
- Lack of Fear for Samsara
- Lack of Trust in Dharma, and Teacher
- Pleasure in doing Non-Virtue
- Lack of Need to practice Dharma
- Giving up Bodhisattva committments
- Giving up of Samaya(Vajrayana) committments
Sufferings of the Lower Realms
8 Hot Great Hells :
(e.g One is burned or boiled many thousands years.)
8 Cold Hells :
(e.g One is freezing many thousands years until one completely spills.)
Neighbouring Hells :
(e.g sinking many hundred years in bogs-wet and soft area many times with terrible insects after one escaped from nearby hell.)
Occasional Hells :
(e.g horror of becoming a tree many hundred years which is contantly getting cut off.)
Deprived (hungry) spirits-
General sufferings:
Feelings of cold and heat, hunger and thirst,
torment and fear;
Particular sufferings :
Those who move with difficulty-
with External defects (no possibility to have any food or drinks even after hundreds of years.)
with Internal defects (such as those with terribly narrow throat and ill bellies.)
with General Special defects (such as those with insects inside their bodies eating them up.)
Those Moving in Space -
(e.g hungry terrifying demons who constanty suffer painful experiences of death and they harm others because of their negative perceptions and hallucations.
Wild and domestic manifold animal sufferings
(e.g such are killed and eaten, constant confusion and stupidity, feelings of cold and and heat, hunger and thirst, exploited by Human beings,)
In the Lower Realms, The Dharma is forgotten and even if it was remembered the anguish is such that it makes practice impossible


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>jalan bukit merah


A house with very nice view….

but was badly mess up by the female owner …a lady who is super supersitious..

force hubby to collect rainwater to brew tea to offer their  house guan yin statue..

she made all the house beds must face east, even the east is a wall next to toilet..

only on the lunar day 2nd and 16th she will sweep the house…

spent few thousand dollors to tilt the door facing..(bad facing some more..)

she close the windows of her house only east side windows open…

she put so call lucky charms at all the corner of the house (the charms are actually 五鬼符, but luckily all wrote wrongly…kakak..)

all the bed a with 3 layers of mattress..making sleeping become very dangerous..

and alot alot of funny stuff…


after i took a close inspection of the house and listen to all her crap explaination…


i ask her where did she get all the theory.., she told me she took a 6 months fengshui class at golden mile…

she told me ur teacher name…i was super shock…the teacher was a friend of mine..who been in fengshui line for 30 over yrs..i really cant believe this is what he taught..i take alook at her fengshui lecture note…i nearly faint…

her hubby lost his 20 over yr job recently…her 2 children flunk their exams..and now she had a hole in her heart…

i analysis all the family members ba zi…not too good but not bad tll this extend..

i use almost 3hrs to “wash” her…



> Mr Tong…

met Mr tong at mac…give me very “sart sart” look….

when i explain ba zi theory to him..gave me a very arrogant look..

and start passing sacastic remarks…

untill i tell him his current 10 yrs luck pillar..then he gt intrested…cos i hit his “vital point”


but i purposely wana “disturb” him abit…..after he apolagise…

I teach him a 五路财神法…but i break it into 12 stages..and demand him to show me his donation receipt

to charity..after i teach him each step…


> Sue

waited for her at the road side near to mac …drove a BMW  2 door, saw her car plate number wave at her.and she hv to honk so loud…at me..haiz..

before sit down..she tell me to hurry up, she gt no time….jus tell her the main point..

well she lazy to listen i also lazy to talk..i told directly and pack my bag and left..

> auntie janet

“master, why i alway bo tio bey pio 1?

“did u follow my advise?”

“gt! I follow what u say liao”

“hv you donate to that nursing home?”

“no time leh..”

“did you get that crystal?”

“cant fine time to search for it yet”

“did you chant the mantra?”

“tired lah…gt chant that day”

“I thought i ask u to chant everyday?”

“where gt time?”

” well…too bad then…continue no time ba…”


> John Lim

” shi fu, my friend say hor your meditation method is xie 1 u know?”

“issit? does your friend meditate?”

“no lah, but his house gt alot of god 1″

“huh? then makes you believe him?

“cos he pray god so many yrs liao, should know wat is right , what is wrong mah..”

“hahaha..ok..then u better listen to him…stop the meditation meditation is super xie 1..and please kindly burn away the GYFM..”

> Anthony lau

“shi fu, my shop business very bad ah?”

“what shop? “

“the nails shop at bukit timah”

“huh? i thought i told u dun take that shop liao”

“ya..but I thought if i can do more advertisement, and bring in my chio staff, things will be ok..人定胜天 what…” 

“well, if 人定胜天, you u still ask me for what?”

“yeah r right lah..but aiya…this type of thing dun try dun know 1 wat…”

“sorry that place really no help, you give up ba…anyway i told you b4 liao u r not suitable to do business”

“cannot give up lah…i spent almost 20 k liao leh”

“sorry cant b help…”

“walao eh! wat kind of FXXX up master you r…”


> Linda Cheong

” master hv you calculate my ba zi? “

“sorry , pai say give me some time”

“4 weeks liao leh. can hurry up or not”

“ok ok”

i push away Mr wong apointment and arrange to meet linda

“hi, linda, you reach?”

“reach where?”

“I thought i hv an appointment with you today?”

“oh ya hor..sorry sorry my problem solve liao, no need your advise time then look for u hor”

 2days later. Mrs Wong call..

“master, Ah wong met an car accident..can help me pray for him?

“wah, okok sure sure..will do a blessing ritual for him..”

after the call..i work on wong ba zi…i nearly go bang wall…if that day i dun push away his appointment…becos of  Linda…he could hv siam the accident” haiz…

Habitate of xie ling?

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guess i hv been rather not productive recently…alot of bad log for analysis and fengshui..too busy  in self cultivatiing….


went to malaysia today to view a friend’s house  fengshui

his mother dun seems to b good health condition ….

when 1st reach his house..feel the qi in the house was rather dead…

the altar was place in a super wrong positon, sitting in the jue ming position, facing stair poison arrows..

I look at his mother her qi was very green…from her ba zi she is under her 5 yrs bad energy influnce, her zi wei dou shu, for this 10 yrs is jing yang and ling xing ….


from the analysis.can see that beside ba zi and fengshui, there must be some other bad energy that will affect her…

I look around the house many times..cant detect.. and her house altar gt no ling qi at all…so i cant ask the ling for information…

i use the fresh lotus that i brought along and chanted the mani mantra hoping to seek some spiritual guide..

luckily the du di gong ling energy was around..and gave me an instinct..

i found a guan yin statue  and a piece of dead log which is serve as a onarment near the 5 huang sha wei..

i use the ling energy to beam at them..and to my horror.. akind of xie ing energy is dewelling..

i quickly “seal” them with the white umbrella  mantra….and tell my friend to throw them away quick..

alot of ppl like to place god or buddha images as ornament..not knowing if such thing is place at sha position, there r very high chances that xie ling energy can dewell up…such thing at the right place right actually a good habitat for xie ling…


I dare not do ling healing for my friend i know there is too much karmic debtor in her liao, i scare wait do liao, if they erupt..she wun b able to take it.. so i suggested to her to to learn 百字明咒,

ppl who hv heavy karmic debtor is advisable to chant 百字明咒, 往生咒, 灭定业真言 N 大悲咒…cos such mantra hv the pleading guilty benefits…seeking forgiving from the karmic debtors…..

I told my friend abt the 4 noble truth..hoping he understand…and to my surprise..he really gt TAO xing, he himself also know and understand abt wat im trying to tell him..but still he hope his mom will chant it..cos even it cant help her now when she is a human..but will definetly help her for a better future spirtual life or a better rebirth…

Im happy to see him getting very well in his tao cultivation as he had also waken his ling recently…

after the consultation, he brought me to a nearby TU Di gong temple…as he had jus waken his ling, i want him to learn hw to feel the present of devas.. my disappointment…this wasnt a authenic tu di gong temple…the real ling in this temple was actually a wolf spirits instead…the spirits had pose itself as tu di gong, enjoying the respect of the ppl there…however, i feel the temple isnt that i guess it hv not done any harm to ppl instead must hv did alot of good deed instead…so i really worth his respect gain by the people there…

my friend follow the way i taught him.. and he was surpise.. his 3rd eye charkra was jumping non stop..which he had never felt so obvious for his 30 over yrs of living..

hahaha..i wonder how he will react next time when he can feel more… 


sturborn energy..

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jus bk from hospital… 

sar’s 2 daughter was running high fever for almost 3 days..was rather panick…

rush bk hm to visit him..2day the elder 1 was running a temp 40 degress for 2 days liao.and the young 1 almost 3 days..took medicine see doctor also no use..

did a ling scan for both of them, realsie there is a kind of blue energy on both their body.. not xie ling or yuan qing zai zhu..but a kind of very negative sturborn energy..

use ling energy to heal them…the young was ok..very easily the blue energy was remove..

but the elder 1 was very funny..the blue energy jus re gather bk after i clear it..

i blast 21 time of bai zi ming mantra and ling energy on it..and waited for 30 min, the energy din gather bk.i tot ok liao..

abt 10pm..sar call me , his elder daughter admit to hospital..i went dwn..with jeff…

i did a scan, the blue energy was gather at the throat and stomach area..i ask sar wat did doctor say..

the doc say she was infected by an unknown identification for the bacteria..

i did another healing..same thing, the blue energy is so…sturborn..keep re gather bk after i disintegrate them..

guess later i will hv to spent the whole chant liao..

really no idea wat is this blue colour energy….haiz…………………

What a day…

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today is a rather eventful day …

3 fengshui and 1 ritual…shack….

the 1st 2 fengshui was normal nothing much..the 3rd was actually ok.. but nearly lost my cool

the owner had a very sick father abt 83 yrs old..he owner want me to help to cure his father..

i look at the father ba zi…and look at his aura…erm..not help liao…I explain to the owner abt the 4 noble truth..and ask him chant the mani mantra to help his father..

he owner let go at me..shouting , say i crow mouth..his father wun passe away so early will surely life till hundred yrs old…i look at a emotionless face..guess this iritate him further..keep scolding me..the scolding gets more n more unbearable..

I pack up and leave the house…I dun even bother to take the fengshui payment…I know i need to leave the house immediately…if not i sure let go..haiz..guess my training in ren lu po lou mi is still far fetch…kakaka..

I understand his feel..i do hv the same feel when my 3weeks old nephew pass away…that kind of helpless….i guess those who hv exp death of close relative will agreed…the sadness is unbearable..

All of us we will die one day and ppl around will also die 1 day…hv we ever thought of it b4? r we able to accept it? When i reach home..i look at my parents..I guess..I still not able to take it…though dieing is the a universal ending of all of us…no matter hw rich how powerful u r…all of us hv 1 common ending..death..sooner or later…our soul will leave this physical body eventually…

The ritual was a zhao dun for a unborn soul at east coast…

jeff..went with me many times..Ric ,sar, was the 1st time..and brief them their “roles”

usually i did it in the morning..but this time due to time constrain i hv to do it in the night…

did the spiritual boundaries,summon earth dieties as protector, summon the nearby dieites for assistant and also summon Kuan yin pu sa mercy energy..

The child spirits is rather chore in zhao du him..

things went practically smooth..guess the mother hv really put effort in the heart sutra writing and the father hv really seriously chaning…

saw the child spirits energy dissolve peacefully under the mercy light energy..

hope his next reborn will be a better 1…. 

A good realization of life…

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Jus read the blog of my girl firend…

I suddenly understand the reason for my existence, for OUR existence.
Homo sapiens, all sentient beings; why we are here, what we are here for.
I will no longer compare my blessings and misfortunes with another person.
 I will count my own blessings and strive to overcome my own misfortunes.
I have the power to do so, as do everyone else.
This new understanding makes me appreciate my own existence more,
and eradicate my self-pity about my own misfortunes, fear of bad happenings,
 envy of others who are seemingly more blessed, and grudges against fate,
against life for dealing me a bad hand.
But it also drives home hard the message that if I don’t help myself, nobody will,
and my life will be fated to suffer all that I think it should.
Our fate is in our own hands!

wow..after so many years of nagging..she only realise it by her ownself …today..

from this i realise…understanding cant be thought by jus preaching.. u need to found it urself..

any way… im very very glad she hv such a good realization..

hope she will stand by this realization..always…


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Though 2day was a week day but i hv to squeez 2 apponintment…cos too many bombing liao..

 went to Haji lane to view a boutique…was surprise to see this wulu lane is actually full of trendy fashion shop..guess me really out dated liao…

 The shp im viewing was a co own by 1 male and 1 fm..they said they r good friend with same intrest but not couple..both hv a decent day job..

they share this business is beocs of the same  goal in life..

their day job was rather taxing and this shop keep losing money…they told me if for another 6 month their business dun pick up…they hv to burst this dream…both was rather sad looking..

after checking their fengshui..i can say the fengshui of this shop is quite ok..only some minor issue..the real problem is the macro fengshui of this area..

the whole lane is too dead..i explain to them…they agreed..therefor i suggest the best fenghsui cure is to move………………no point hugging a poison apple…micro fengshui can never beat macro fengshui…even can also wun last no point waste time..

both of them was really dishearten..i hate to see ppl dream being tarnish..but i best help to them is being truthful..

after that went to bugis , met a mother of 2 abt 34yrs old..

a very polite lady…quietly listen to me explaining on her ba zi….when i tell her abt her spous chamber…erm..maybe im jus too blunt..she start to tears….her 2 daughter one 14 and one 8 start to hug her…she said im right, her hubby ran away with another woman 2 yrs ago..leaving both the kids n her not good at comforting woman..i can only explain the karma reason behind this happening, her 14 yr old daughter suddenly shouted “THat! not fair!!!”…i try to calm her dwn n explain karma to her….she is really a bright ger..after some expalination she understood …

i carry on with the ba zi explaination n move on to the 2 daughter ba zi..when i start to tell her abt her 2nd daughter ba zi..she tears agin…

“ do… longer…hv……a fa..ther and her so weak…”..

 my heart was getting “sour” n i nearly tears….too….

the young daughter pull her mother hand, “mummy dun cry, i love you”

the elder daughter though only 14 but really sensible, pull the young 1 away and tell her mom she will bring her sis go outside walk walk ..

after i hv explain their ba zi and given them the cures…i leave…while trying to wait for the taxi…my mind was..really uneasy…am i really too blurnt 2day? i smash 2 person dream and make a poor mother heart broke…..i know i cant lie…but should i be so blurnt..i could hv tell a white lie…alot of tots keep flashing in my mind…inside the taxi during the jam at bendemeer…i suddenly recall my ba zi teacher….teaching…”no matter hw bad or hw good a person ba zi is…we hv to be trueful…we dun judge the outcome of being trueful…cos everybody hv their own affinity..being trueful can be a pull / push help the person too…

well… maybe i can consider myself lucky…becos im always given a chance to see different suffering of people and this make me contented with my life…


No solution….

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Not all cases that came to me can be solve…

 maybe for the past few months things r quite smooth going for me in my healing exp…

 but 2day, i met a headache problem again…

a lady gt some illness, i look into her ba zi, its actually not indicated in her ba zi of this illness, i went into samadhi, neither any clue…haiz…

only obvious resons is the negative karma fruits form her ancestor….but i really not certain…haha…shang de shan duo zhong yu hu….well well ..nid to crack crack crack ….

The Garden at bishan..

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Went to check the fengshui at 1 unit  The Garden today….

 The owner is a catholic…so b4 this appointment is confirm, i was remind upteen times not to use any religion ways to rectify this house fengshui…

 Actually to be frank, fenghshui dun really belong to any religion…the real cures for fengshui should be jus using of the five elements and not what pi xiu, qi ling and those tons of funny creature…

b4  going up the unit, i took a walk around the condo..really nice env…check the soil smell and density ..can conclude that the ling qi around the area is fine..

The ba zi yong shen of this family of 3 is it makes thing very easy for me :)

 had a chat with the family , the male owner was really quite diff to deal…keep questioning my knowledge and challenge fengshui theory…but luckily..all thanks to those exp i hv with past difficult client i hv met..manage to convince him :)

 the unit fengshui was really suitable for the family…

The only bad area was the SW corner..the area meant for the female owner..too many sha..usually for such sha usually i simply use some mantra logo  will do but after so many years..this time round my hands r “tied”..cos no religious stuff leh..heng i hv never forget my fengshui fundamentals…manage to solve the issue by 5 element theory..

phew..guess this case is a reminder to me…dont be to attach with easy method..

few days a go..met a “debtor” i realise ren really cannot do wrong things..espcially as a mentor… ,u r responsible with whatever things you teach…all ur student is a clean sheet of paper..they will stain with whatever you teach them…if a student is not hardworking its his fault but if the mentor din give proper guidance its a big big fault…i guess i should stop adopting the kind of u wana learn, learn, dun learn forget it type of attidue..and should be more choosy in accepting student…well..i know i can never reverse reality..i can only dedicate more merits to that “debtor” think i really own him a big debt this life..


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For the past few months i hv being very entu in teaching people around me about different kinds of mantras…i really enjoy teaching…although those people i hv taught may not prac wat i teach…but i dun care…i know as long i hv tell them wat i know i hv already did my part…

i dun expect them to  benefit from all the mantras.. but as long as when in time of need…the mantra they remember could be put to use to solve the problem im glad…

 many hv not see the power or usefulness of mantra…n dun wana really prac it..but as long u can remember 1 or 2 by hard its good enough

erm..lets take the white umbrella mantra for instance…Mdm loh,

 she is a very clear minded person, she is arm with lots of buddhism theory but hv reach a stage of confusion..we hv met and talk abt it many session, but still she dun really buy my theory..about to give up i throw a book by an hongkong author, 改命法 to her…inside contains alot of mantra,mantra story and usage…and ofcos some cultivation tips…

she did flip thru the bk and only the white umbrella mantra gt her attention, but she din really bother to chant it but some hw she jus remember the short version….

 one nite she went over to her brother place to see her niece who hv being sick for quite long time..she realise that the baby hv a very green qi on her face(mdm loh hv a inborn  parial open 3rd eye that can sometime see energy) she try to hv a closer look at her but suddenly she feel that both her hands and legs were numb and she is about to drop the baby to the ground..she wanted to shout her bro in the living room for help but she cant as she is  getting breathless…then suddenly she remeber the white umbrella chant and her mind start to recite it( actually i did give her alot of barang barang for protection but she forget n only remmber the chant haiz………) then suddenly the baby cried very loudly and she like suddenly wake up , her numbness gone..she qucikly place the baby dwn.

jus now the moments were like a dream to her …she gt very tense up and called me my mind i was thinking..haha..even heaven also want her to cultivate..heehee my chance of teaching come liao loh…..

so i meet up with her a few days later and explain the incident to her its becos the baby is tinted with bad energy and those energy was transfering to her..thats y she start to hv those numbness feeling .and also i use the chance to “sell” her my way of cultivation to her and she finally accept them..hahaha..hooray~~

erm so far her latest update was that her energy become more balance and her sightings of energy is clearer…and she realy so keen in prac the umbrealla mantra

really 咒到用时方狠少!

 there was a period of time..i alway regard Buddha as a very good sales man/promoter..cos those ideal that he tried to sell 2500 yrs ago is still around now and its hv spread to more lands…arent he good? really can win the best promoter award for the past 2500 yrs but alas, about after 500 yrs, his competitor for the title mr Christ appear…(heehee please pardon me )

 I personally enter the 矛山三山教 in my teens and was put to learn the 文法,aka drawing of amulet/画符咒 for almost 2 years…

the procedure to draw a toaism amulet is very very tedious, you need to chant alot lot of script to cleanse urself then u can start drawing the amulet and every single procedure u need to chant suttas..your very 1st workable amulet came after you hv draw 100,000 of the same amulet…siong rite?

for a amulet to be workable, the person hv to fill it with ur 精,气,神, aka, strong mind power,personal ernergy, and great focusing…

then when i learn mantras, i realise actually both mantras and written amulet apply the same theory,

after prac a mantra for 10,000, and when chanting with strong intention the power is same as a drawing a paper/cloth amulet…………………..

but chanting is so much convinent…at lease u no need to prepare the ink , paper and brush, ritual sutta,etc etc kakaka….

many ask wat is a mantra? its actually a way of using your speach to convey ur inner intention to colaborate with the env energy to creat a powerful energy…

and many mantra is further sealed with strong blessing intention by 众佛,菩萨,神仙,龙族 ,各天王…………thats y they work miricle…

i gt a senoir who prac 摩利之天密法咒for years, and he did perform to show me  the presence of  invisble effect from the mantra….

2 of us  went for drinking till wee hours one nite , and when my this senoir was sending me home, we were block by TP. I was trembling with fear, i know this time jia lat liao, there goes my senoir license…but mircle happen, the tp came to my side and ask me to unwind the window and ask for my license and ask me y im parking the vehicle at the roadside  and not siting at the driver seat..i was like wah!!! 见鬼了!!!!!

after the scene, my senior then explain to me whats going on…i quicly beg him to teach me the mantra..he die die dun teach me and haiz…he is now migrate to Aus liao…guess i dun really hv the affinity to learn the mantra..

so now if u ask me if the invisble stance of a ninja is real or fake i will surely tell u yes.. becos in japan, 摩利之天is the 根本本尊of all ninjas in that era…………

alot of miricle..jus slowly go findout and dun be tooooooooooo greedy, jus prac hard on 1 or 2 mantra, you will hv 持明成就,meaning enlighten archievement…

when u r thorogh on 1 mantra, you will be able to do wat other mantra can, so remeber dun b greedy jus choose a mantra that u feel good with and make a pact with it…hiong hiong chant it 10,000 and feel the mantra grow in u…

the ultimate aim of learning buddhism is to become a buddha u urself and not jus always stay at the learning stage………never say you can’t…hv trust and faith with Mr Buddha theory and you urself!

Heart sutra…

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The Heart Sutra is the shortest and the most popular sutra in Buddhism. The six hundred volumes of the Maha Prajna Sutra are summarized by the Diamond Sutra in around 5000 words, and the Diamond Sutra is summarized by the Heart Sutra in around 250 words. The Heart Sutra is regarded as the summation of the wisdom of Buddha. It expresses perfectly the insight attained by non-attachment, the doctrine of emptiness.

Many Buddhist around the world recite the Heart Sutra daily. However, they may not really and fully understand what it is. Some of them may have incredible response, and benefits. In Buddhism, reciting Buddha-name and sutra has great merit and virtues. And, it is one of the effective ways in cultivation of Buddhist Way. In nearly all Buddhist monastery and many Buddhist household, the Heart Sutra is recited by the people regularly on a daily basis.

If it is the first time you read Heart Sutra, you may find that it is difficult to understand because its way of thinking is different from the traditional ones. Therefore, you should be open-minded, and think deeply and carefully. The Heart Sutra reveals the entire secret of truth of the universe and life.


ok layman translation will be>>>>>

When Bodhisattva Guan Yin practiced the most profound wisdom, the wisdom illuminated Guan Yin to see that everything in the universe is Kong – including the five aggregates of physical and mental activities: All the material world and all sensations, perceptions, decisions, and awareness.

Whoever understands that everything is Kong rises above all personal suffering and misfortune.

Buddha Shakyamuni elaborated this wisdom further to his disciple, Sariputra:

The material world is no different from Kong;
And Kong is not different from the material world.

The material world is therefore Kong, and Kong is therefore the material world. And hence Kong is also all sensations, perceptions, decisions, and all awareness.

Sariputra, all phenomena and observations are Kong.

Phenomena such as life and death, filth and cleanliness, gain and loss are all Kong.

Since Kong is everything,
There can be no material world and no sensations, perceptions, decisions, decisions, or awareness from the viewpoint of a separate self,
No separate eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, or mind,
No form, sound, smell, taste, touch, or any other phenomena,
No individual view point,
No individual field of consciousness,
No delusion of separation, and no ending of the delusion of separation,
No aging and death, and no ending of aging and death.

The four phases of cultivation no longer exist –
No experiencing the suffering in life…
No discovering the causes of suffering…
No cultivation to eliminate suffering… and
No reaching the ultimate state of no separate self and an end to suffering.

This principle makes no one wiser, since there is no separate self;
No individual gains anything, since there is nothing separate to be gained.

People receive enlightenment because they follow this perfect wisdom.
They have wide open hearts without worries,
And therefore, none the worries of a separate self.
They also have no fear.
All delusions and self-centered fantasies are far removed.
Enlightened ones reach ultimate nirvana.
Three generations of Buddhas,
Have followed this ultimate wisdom,
And attained the highest perfect enlightenment.
Therefore, come to know this ultimate wisdom in a grand spiritual mantra,
A supreme mantra,
A mantra with no peers that is able to end all suffering.
This wisdom is real and not an illusion.
Therefore, the perfect wisdom mantra has been proclaimed.

Chant the mantra this way:


[Gone, Gone, Gone beyond, Gone completely beyond, Enlightenment, Hail!]

Beside all the merits one can get when reciting this sutra…there is actually 1 more great usage..

i hv jus share it today to a client of mine who live in Tampines, his flat is along those long corridor..the house windows are rather low and ppl could jus peep in…

 last few nights both he n his wife  at different timing of the nights  actually saw 6 dark green light balls came into the house thru’ the window..their dog were whining  whole nite…………….. their baby ger was also crying..he tried to chant but his mind jus cant focus as he is very scared..he wanted me to go his house immeditately..but erm…i cant due to some other commitment..

I know he can recite heart sutra very well n i decide to pass him a fa..

its a very simple but powerful method to create protection boundaries aka 法结界 

1> chant the sutra 3 times.

2> recite the last part of the sutra aka the mantra of heart sutra 21 times.

3> 弟子(名字,name ) 一心祈求南无观世音菩萨和诸护法金刚,帮弟子的家宅结界,把界内不应存在之灵体清除,也使界外灵体不对我们造成灾害,谢谢南无观世音菩萨和诸护法金刚

repeat the above 3 steps 3 times,

 then say>>>


the above method can create a protecting doundaries around your house, preventing negative force from coming in or even if there is already some inside, u also can get rid of them by this method..

simple..but powerful

How to offer joss stick in temple….

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Went to temples with a few of my new disciples during CNY…surprise to know they dont really know how to pray in temple…so..make this post here to assist them…插香禮節:

1 拿香時,左手在外,右手在內。2 廟前天公爐要先焚香朝拜,再來拜中間的主神,再拜你的右邊(以左青龍)神明、然後再拜左邊神明(右白虎)3 插香時,一般以左手插之,表示尊敬與和平。

Simple steps of Offering Incense:

1 While holding on to incenses – left hand grabbing onto right hand

2 Offered your incenses to the Urn that is dedicated to Jade Emperor 1st (usually at the outer courtyard of the temple)

3 While inside the temple, always pay your respect to the Deities in the centre altar 1st (they consider as the Main Deities in the temple), follow by the Deities on your right-side (2nd highest ranking in the temple, for Chinese, we consider it as the “Big Position”) and then the altar on your left-side

4 While placing the incenses into the Urn, you must used your left hand – reasons: showing respect to the Deities and, requesting for blessing of Peacefulness

 Tomorrow is Tian Gong Tan, beside joss stick, you can offer below stuff…..

1 Ginger (Mountain Treasure)
2 Salt (Sea Favour)
3 Dried Lily Buds / jin zhen (Gold)
4 Dried Black Tree Fungus / mu er (Wood)
5 Glass Noodle / dong fen (Water)
6 Dried Bean Curd Sticks / fu zhu (Fire)
7 Dried Black Mushrooms / xiang gu (Earth)

A great merit of Alvin Lim

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Effect (果) Why are you a Government officer in this life?
Cause (因) Because you have built Buddha’s images in your previous life.
Whatever you do will come back to you. Dress up neatly and pay respects to the Buddha.
To protect the Tathagata Monastery is to protect yourself. For building Buddha’s image is moulding yourself.
Effect (果) Why in this life you have cars and various transportation facilities?
Cause (因) Because you have repaired broken bridges and paved roads for the benefit of others in your previous life.
Effect (果) Why in this life you have clothing in great variety?
Cause (因) Because you have donated warm clothing to monks.
Effect (果) Why in this life you have splendid food?
Cause (因) Because you have donated food to the poor in your previous life.
Effect (果) Why in this life you are starving and clothes-less?
Cause (因) Because you were to stingy to donate to charity in your previous life.
Effect (果) Why in this life you have houses and buildings?
Cause (因) Because you have donated food to monasteries in your previous life.
Effect (果) Why in this life you are prosperous and happy?
Cause (因) Because you have donated money to build temples and public shelters in your previous life.
Effect (果) Why in this life you are pretty and handsome?
Cause (因) Because you respectfully offered flowers to the Buddha’s altar in your previous life.
Effect (果) Why in this life you are so intelligent and wise?
Cause (因) Because you were a devout Buddhist and a sober vegetarian in your previous life.
Effect (果) Why in this life you are liked by others?
Cause (因) Because you have created good relationships with people in your previous life.
Effect (果) Why in this life husband and wife are faithful to each other?
Cause (因) Because you have decorated the temple with scrolls and tapestries to Buddha in your previous life.
Effect (果) Why in this life you have both parents?
Cause (因) Because you have respected and helped people in your previous life.
Effect (果) Why in this life you are an orphan?
Cause (因) Because you were a bird-shooter in your previous life.
Effect (果) Why in this life you have many children?
Cause (因) Because you have printed and distributed sutras in your previous life.
Effect (果) Why in this life a son dies young?
Cause (因) Because you have comitted killing by drowning a baby girl in your previous life.
Effect (果) Why in this life you are heir-less?
Cause (因) Because you have destroyed flowers habitually in your previous life.
Effect (果) Why in this life you enjoy longevity and good health?
Cause (因) Because you set free sentient-beings in your previous life.
Effect (果) Why in this life you are short-lived?
Cause (因) Because you have committed too many killings in your previous life.
Effect (果) Why in this live you have no spouse?
Cause (因) Because you have committed adultery in your previous life.
Effect (果) Why in this life you are a widow?
Cause (因) Because you have ill-treated your husband in your previous life.
Effect (果) Why in this live you are a serf (slave)?
Cause (因) Because you were disloyal and ungrateful in your previous life.
Effect (果) Why in this life you have clear and good sighted eyes?
Cause (因) Because you have donated oil to light up Buddha’s altar in your previous life.
Effect (果) Why in this life you suffer from blindness?
Cause (因) Because you have distorted truths and misled others in your previous life.
Effect (果) Why in this life you have wry mouth?
Cause (因) Because you have intentionally blown out candles before the Buddha’s altar in your previous life.
Effect (果) Why in this life you are dumb and deaf?
Cause (因) Because you have vituperated (scold, insult) your parents in your previous life.
Effect (果) Why in this life you are hunched back?
Cause (因) Because you jeered at Buddha’s followers in your previous life.
Effect (果) Why in this life you have disabled hands?
Cause (因) Because you have committed evils in your previous life.
Effect (果) Why in this life you have lame legs?
Cause (因) Because you were a robber in your previous life.
Effect (果) Why in this life you are born as a horse or an ox?
Cause (因) Because you have never paid your debts in your previous life.
Effect (果) Why in this life you are born as a pig or dog?
Cause (因) Because you have decieved or harmed others in your previous life.
Effect (果) Why in this life you suffer from constant illness?
Cause (因) Because you have offered flesh (meat) to monks in your previous life.
Effect (果) Why in this life you are healthy?
Cause (因) Because you have offered medicine to cure the sick people in your previous life.
Effect (果) Why in this life you are imprisoned?
Cause (因) Because you have relentlessly committed evils in your previous life.
Effect (果) Why in this live you are starved to death?
Cause (因) Because you have plugged (sealed) snake-pits or mouse-holes in your previous life.
Effect (果) Why in this life you die of poison?
Cause (因) Because you intentionally poisoned a river or water-source in your previous life.
Effect (果) Why in this life you are forlorn or friendless?
Cause (因) Because you were unfaithful or deceitful to others in your previous life.
Effect (果) Why in this life you are born as a dwarf?
Cause (因) Because you have read and written sutras on the floor in your previous life?
Effect (果) Why in this life you spew blood?
Cause (因) Because you have eaten meat while praying in your previous life.
Effect (果) Why in this life you are deaf?
Cause (因) Because you have attended Buddhist instructions with levity (acts of mischief) in your previous life.
Effect (果) Why in this life you are afflicted with ulcers?
Cause (因) Because you have offered meat before the Buddha’s altar in your previous life.
Effect (果) Why in this life you have bad bodily odour?
Cause (因) Because you have sold incense with dishonesty in your previous life.
Effect (果) Why in this life you are bereft (lack) of a spouse?
Cause (因) Because you have been unduly envious and jealous in your previous life.
Effect (果) Why in this life you are struck by lightning or burnt by fire?
Cause (因) Because you have committed dishonest trading with customers in your previous life.
Effect (果) Why in this life you are wounded by beasts or snakes?
Cause (因) Because you have created enemies in your previous life.
Whether you reaped or you sowed…. If you suffer in hell, blame yourself for what you did in your previous life.
Cause (因) If you in this life recite the Cause and Effect Sutra.
Effect (果) You will be respected by many people in your next life.
Cause (因) If you in this life print and distribute the Cause and Effect Sutra free to all.
Effect (果) You will become a leader to humanity in your next life.
Cause (因) If you doubt that eating vegetarian is cultivating charity.
Effect (果) Witness the happy and prosperous people around you.
Cause (因) It is good to cultivate giving to the Triple Gems.
Effect (果) You will be rewarded in return.
Cause (因) If you carry the Cause and Effect Sutra.
Effect (果) You will be free from disaster and calamity.
Cause (因) Do not think that the Cause and Effect is fallacious.
Effect (果) It will manifest either immediately or later in your life.
Cause (因) If you spread the truth of the Cause and Effect Sutra.
Effect (果) You will be wise and intelligent in life after life.
Effect (果) You are a minister or an officer in this life.
Cause (因) You gain the fruits because you cultivated with pains in your previous life.
Cause (因) If you in this life insult the Cause and Effect Sutra.
Effect (果) You are no longer a human being in your next life.
Cause (因) If in this life you transcribe the Cause and Effect Sutra.
Effect (果) The generations will be smart scholars and live happily.
Cause (因) If you recite and act according to the Cause and Effect Sutra.
Effect (果) Whatever you do will be witnessed by the Buddhas and Boddhisattva.
Cause (因) It is impossible to exhaust the speaking of the law of Cause and Effect.
Effect (果) The fruit of a good deed will come in due course.
Cause (因) The good cause you have accumulated in your previous life will be the foundation of your good fortune.
Effect (果)
Cause (因) The good seeds you have planted in this life will give you good fruits in your next life.
Effect (果)
Cause (因) If you doubt the efficiency of Cause and Effect.
Effect (果) See how Maugalyayana could save his mother from suffering.
The Cause and Effect must not be treated as a small matter.
The Buddha’s words are truth, you must not slight (take it lightly).
Cause (因) If people deeply believe in the Cause and Effect Sutra.
Effect (果) This will bring them together to the land of Ultimate Bliss.
Verse of Transference: May all the merits acquired through the practising, reading or distribution of this sutra be dedicated
to us, the people around us and our Karmic debtors. May us and all, be happy, be free from suffering and be enlightened.

The above is a compilation for easy reading and understanding of karma sutra by my dear friend Alvin….

Can see that his fo xing is getting stronger every day….really very happy for him..if you are reading this post now, you might like to copy, print and pass it to ppl around you. Let the seeds of metta to be spread around…..!!! :)

The Six Paramitas (Perfections)

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The Sanskrit word Paramita means to cross over to the other shore. Paramita may also be translated as Perfection, Perfect Realization, or reaching beyond limitation. Through the practice of these six paramitas, we cross over the sea of suffering (samsara) to the Shore of Happiness and Awakening (Nirvana); we cross over from Ignorance and Delusion to enlightenment.
Each of the six paramitas is an Enlightened Quality of the Heart, a glorious virtue or attribute—the Innate Seed of Perfect Realization within us. The Paramitas are the very essence of our True Nature. However, since these enlightened qualities of the heart have become Obscured by delusion, selfishness, and other karmic tendencies, we must develop these potential qualities and bring them into Expression.
In this way, the Six Paramitas are an Inner Cultivation, a daily practice for Wise, Compassionate, Loving, and Enlightened Living. The Paramitas are the Six kinds of Virtuous Practice required for skillfully serving the Welfare of others and for the Attainment of Enlightenment.
We must understand that bringing these Virtuous qualities of our True Nature into expression requires Discipline, Practice, and Sincere Cultivation. This is the Path of the Bodhisattva—one who is dedicated to serving the Highest Welfare of all Living beings with the Awakened Heart of Unconditional Love, Skillful Wisdom, and All-embracing Compassion.
1) The Perfection of Generosity (Dana Paramita)
This paramita is the enlightened quality of Generosity, Charity, Giving, and Offering. The Essence of this Paramita is Unconditional Love, a boundless openness of heart and mind, a selfless generosity and giving which is completely free from attachment and expectation. From the very depths of our heart, we practice Generously offering our Love, Compassion, Time, Energy, and Resources to serve the Highest Welfare of all beings. Giving is one of the Essential preliminary steps of our Practice. Our Giving should always be Unconditional and Selfless; completely Free of any Selfish Desire for Gratitude, Recognition, Advantage, Reputation, or any Worldly Reward. The Perfection of Generosity is not accomplished simply by the Action of Giving, nor by the Actual Gift itself. Rather, the true Essence of this Paramita is our Pure Motivation of Genuine Concern for others—the Truly Generous Motivation of the Awakened Heart of Compassion, Wisdom, and Love. In addition, our Practice of Giving should be Free of Discrimination regarding who is worthy and who is Unworthy to Receive. To cultivate the Paramita of Generosity, it is wise to contemplate the enormous benefits of this practice, the disadvantages of being miserly, as well as the obvious fact that our body and our wealth are impermanent. With this in mind, we will certainly be encouraged to use both our body and wealth to practice generosity while we still have them. Generosity is a cure for the afflictions of greed, miserliness, and possessiveness. In this practice of giving, we may offer our time, energy, money, food, clothing, or gifts so as to assist others. To the best of our ability, we may offer the priceless treasure of Dharma instruction, giving explanations on the Buddha’s teachings. This offering serves to free others from misperceptions that cause confusion, pain, and suffering. We can offer fearless giving and protection by delivering living beings (insects, animals, and people) from harm, distress, fear, and terror. In this way, we offer care and comfort, helping others to feel safe and peaceful. We do this selflessly, without counting the cost to ourselves. We practice the perfection of generosity in an especially powerful way when we embrace all living beings continually in the radiant love of our heart.
2) The Perfection of Ethics (Sila Paramita)
This paramita is the enlightened quality of virtuous and ethical behavior, morality, self-discipline, impeccability, personal integrity, honor, and harmlessness. The essence of this paramita is that through our love and compassion we do not harm others; we are virtuous and harmless in our thoughts, speech, and actions. This practice of ethical conduct is the very foundation for progressing in any practice of meditation and for attaining all higher realizations on the path. Our practice of generosity must always be supported by our practice of ethics; this ensures the lasting results of our generosity. We should perfect our conduct by eliminating harmful behavior and following the Bodhisattva precepts. We abstain from killing, stealing, sexual misconduct, lying, divisive speech, harsh speech, gossip, greed, malice, and wrong views. Following these precepts or guidelines is not meant to be a burden or a restriction of our freedom. We follow these precepts so we can enjoy greater freedom, happiness, and security in our lives, because through our virtuous behavior we are no longer creating suffering for ourselves and others. We must realize that unethical behavior is always the cause of suffering and unhappiness. If we give even the slightest consideration to the advantages of cultivating ethical behavior and the disadvantages of unethical behavior, we will certainly develop great enthusiasm for this practice of ethics. Practicing the perfection of ethics, we are free of negativity, we cause no harm to others by our actions, our speech is kind and compassionate, and our thoughts are free of anger, malice, and wrong views. When our commitment is strong in the Practice of Ethics we are at ease, naturally confident, without stress, and happy because we are not carrying any underlying sense of guilt or remorse for our actions; we have nothing to hide. Maintaining our Personal Honor and Integrity, our Moral Impeccability, this is the cause of all goodness, happiness, and even the Attainment of Enlightenment.
3) The Perfection of Patience (Kshanti Paramita)
This Paramita is the Enlightened Quality of Patience, Tolerance, Forbearance, and Acceptance. The Essence of this Paramita of Patience is the Strength of Mind and Heart that enables us to face the Challenges and Difficulties of life without losing our composure and inner tranquility.
We embrace and forbear adversity, insult, distress, and the wrongs of others with patience and tolerance, free of resentment, irritation, emotional reactivity, or retaliation. We cultivate the ability to be loving and compassionate in the face of criticism, misunderstanding, or aggression. With this enlightened quality of patience, we are neither elated by praise, prosperity, or agreeable circumstances, nor are we angry, unhappy or depressed when faced with Insult, Challenge, Hardship, or Poverty.
This Enlightened Attribute of Patience, Acceptance, and Tolerance is not a Forced Suppression or Denial of our thoughts and feelings. Rather, it is a Quality of being which comes from having our Heart Open and our mind deeply Concentrated upon the Dharma.
In this way, we have a Clear and Correct understanding of Impermanence, of Cause and Effect (karma), and with strong Determination and Patience we remain in Harmony with this understanding for the Benefit of All Beings. The Ability to Endure, to have Forbearance, is Integral to our Dharma Practice.
Without this Kind of Patience we cannot Accomplish anything. A true Bodhisattva practices Patience in such a way that even when we are hurt physically, emotionally, or mentally by others, we are not Irritated or Resentful. We always make an Effort to see the Goodness and Beauty in others. In practicing this Perfection of Patience and Forbearance, we never Give up on or Abandon others—we help them cross over the Sea of Suffering. We maintain our Inner Peace, Calmness, and Equanimity under all circumstances, having Enduring Patience and Tolerance for ourselves and others. With the Strength of Patience, we maintain our Effort and Enthusiasm in our Dharma Practice. Therefore, our Practice of Patience assists us in developing the next paramita of Joyous Effort and Enthusiastic Perseverance.
4) The Perfection of Joyous Effort / Enthusiastic Perseverance (Virya Paramita)
This Paramita is the Enlightened Quality of Energy, Vigor, Vitality, Endurance, Diligence, Enthusiasm, Continuous and Persistent Effort. In order to practice the first Three Paramitas of Generosity, Virtuous conduct, and Patience in the Face of Difficulties, we need this Paramita of Joyous Effort and Perseverance.
Joyous effort makes the previous paramitas increase and become even more Powerful influences in our life.
The Essence of this Paramita of Joyous Effort is the Courage, Energy, and Endurance to Continuously Practice the Dharma and Pursue the Supreme Goal of Enlightenment for the Highest Good of All Beings.
From a Feeling of Deep Compassion for the Suffering of all sentient beings, we are urged to Unfailing, Persistent, and Joyous effort. We use our body, speech, and mind to work Ceaselessly and Untiringly for the Benefit of Others, with no Expectations for Personal Recognition or Reward.
We are always ready to Serve others to the Best of our Ability. With Joyous Effort, Devoted Energy, and the Power of Sustained Application, we practice the Dharma without getting sidetracked by anything or falling under the Influence of Laziness. Without developing Virya Paramita, we can become easily Disillusioned and drop our Practice when we meet with Adverse Conditions.
The word virya means Persistence and Perseverance in the Face of Disillusionment, Energetically striving to Attain the Supreme Goal of Enlightenment. When we Cultivate this Type of Diligence and Perseverance we have a strong and healthy mind. We practice with persistent effort and enthusiasm because we Realize the tremendous value and benefit of our Dharma practice.
Firmly establishing ourselves in this Paramita, we also Develop Self-Reliance, and this becomes one of our most Prominent Characteristics. With Joyous Effort and Enthusiastic Perseverance, we regard failure as simply another step toward success, danger as an Inspiration for Courage, and Affliction as another Opportunity to Practice Wisdom and Compassion. To Develop Strength of Character, Self-Reliance, and the next Paramita of Concentration, is not an easy achievement, thus we need Enthusiastic Perseverance on the Path.
5) The Perfection of Concentration (Dhyana Paramita)
This Paramita is the Enlightened Quality of Concentration, Meditation, Contemplation, Samadhi, Mindfulness, Mental Stability. Our minds have the tendency to be very Distracted and Restless, always moving from one thought or feeling to another. Because of this, our Awareness stays fixated in the Ego, in the surface layers of the Mind and Emotions, and we just keep engaging in the same Habitual Patterns of Behavior.
The Perfection of Concentration means Training our mind so that it does what we want it to. We Stabilize our Mind and Emotions by Practicing Meditation, by being Mindful and Aware in everything we do. When we Train the Mind in this way, Physical, Emotional, and Mental Vacillations and Restlessness are eliminated. We Achieve Focus, Composure, and Tranquility. This Ability to Concentrate and Focus the Mind brings Clarity, Equanimity, Illumination.
Concentration allows the Deep Insight needed to Transform the Habitual Misperceptions and Attachments that cause Confusion and Suffering. As we eliminate these Misperceptions and Atachments, we can Directly Experience the Joy, Compassion, and Wisdom of our true nature.
There is no Attainment of Wisdom and Enlightenment without developing the mind through Concentration and Meditation. This development of Concentration and One-pointedness requires Perseverance. Thus the previous Paramita of Joyous Effort and Perseverance brings us to this Paramita of Concentration. In addition, when there is no Practice of Meditation and Concentration, we cannot achieve the other Paramitas, because their essence, which is the Inner Awareness that comes from Meditation, is Lacking. To Attain Wisdom, Compassion, and Enlightenment, it is Essential that we Develop the Mind through Concentration, Meditation, and Mindfulness.
6) The Perfection of Wisdom (Prajna Paramita)
This Paramita is the Enlightened Quality of Transcendental Wisdom, Insight, and the Perfection of Understanding.
The Essence of this Paramita is the Supreme Wisdom, the Highest understanding that living beings can Attain—beyond words and completely Free from the Limitation of Mere Ideas, Concepts, or Intellectual knowledge.
Beyond the limited confines of Intellectual and Conceptual States of Mind, we experience the Awakened Heart-mind of Wisdom and Compassion—Prajna Paramita.
Prajna paramita is the Supreme Wisdom (prajna) that knows Emptiness and the Interconnectedness of All things.
This Flawless Wisdom eliminates all False and Distorted views of the Absolute. We see the Essential Nature of Reality with Utmost Clarity; our Perception goes beyond the Illusive and Deceptive Veils of Material existence.
With the Perfection of Wisdom, we Develop the Ability to Recognize the Truth behind the Temporary Display of all Appearances. Prajna Paramita is a Result of Contemplation, Meditation, and Rightly understanding the Nature of Reality. Ultimately, the Full Realization of Prajna Paramita is that we are not simply a separate self trying to do good.
Rather, Virtuously serving the Welfare of All beings is simply a Natural Expression of the Awakened Heart.
We realize that the One Serving, the One being Served, and the Compassionate Action of Service, are all the Same totality—there is No Separate Ego or Self to be found in any of these. With this Supreme Wisdom, we go beyond Acceptance and Rejection, Hope and Fear, Dualistic thoughts, and Ego-Clinging.
We completely Dissolve all these notions, Realizing everything as a Transparent Display of the Primordial Truth. If our Ego is Attached even to the Disciplines of these Paramitas, this is Incorrect Perception and we are merely going from One extreme to another.
In order to Free ourselves from these Extremes, we must Release our Ego Attachment and dissolve all Dualistic concepts with the Insight of Supreme Wisdom. This Wisdom Transforms the other Five Paramitas into their Transcendental State as well. Only the illumination of Supreme Wisdom makes this possible.


Posted in Feng Shui on February 4, 2008 by Zacken99

Phew~~~finally complete all my 60 fengshui assignments for this CNY liao…can 收工了!! Will only start work till the 15th day.. 

ok…nothing much..most of the assignments r quite straight forward..

erm…maybe can mention 2 cases ,One of the daughters of the families have this funny habit…she like to pluck her hair,peel fingernails when sad or in deep tots…the damage is so great that she bleeds…she is a strong wood person and her ba zhi is greatly ji wood..

our hair,nails,bones are all consider wood element..and our body hv a kind of “immune system” towards energy as well…

she is in her bad luck period nw..she know nuts abt her ba zhi, but her ling know, thats why her ling wana reduce her bad luck by reducing her wood…thats y unaware to herself she keep pluck her hair and nails..

she can solve her problem by eating lesser wood food like mushrooms and bamboo shots…

and drink more luo han guo and wear a silver ring at the left hand middle finger.

 same theory applies to those alcahol addicts….

liquour,beer or even white wines are consider as water/metal element..

ppl whose ba zhi badly in need of metal and water and  happens to be in his bad luck period, will most likely  turn to b a alcohol addict….

the best solution to such person is to  go swimming more often and make sure he drinks 8 litre of plain water everyday and bathe as lease 3 times a day..

another case…is a big colonial house situated in the NE part of s’pore camp the primilary round checking, i found that the fengshui for this house can say very perfect…but dun noe heart jus simply buay comfortable , after closer analysis and using yi jing to double check…i found a hidden trap!

It is actually something that is buried at the southern part of the house which is suppose to be the most lucky sector of the house..

guess what is underneath….lots of dead rats, centerpides, spiders, crockroaches and dun noe what lah..all those beri er xin stuff…me and the owner both puke….after the worker had dug them out…the smell was super stinko!!!!

this is obviously a 五毒蠱降!!!but………………..luckily the person who did this is maybe a beginner or wat ,the effect of this jiang is not really that strong…so QED….

check with the neighbours…the previous owner is a european..own 4 months rent

walao!! really unbeiliever..there is actually ppl doing this type of jiang nowadays…this jiang is obviously done by some ameture….

recently i hv found alot of jiang tou secret mannul laying around in bookstore..and i realise..those in the book are not bogus..there r real mannual..i wonder which idiot actually reveal such wicked spell to the public..the end result of such act will end up with lots of misery…and also a big channel for ppl to commit sin…

haiz..really no eyes see..

dun they know that goes round comes round……………………


Important dates for this CNY………

Posted in Feng Shui on February 3, 2008 by Zacken99

4/2/2008>>> is also know as LI CHUN…it actually marks the new beigining of this lunar year…on this day Please do more chanting if hv already will ease many of ur this yr problem..

4/2/2008>>>best day for spring cleaning, I would suggest mop the wole house with sea salt , white vineger and water once, detergent once and clean water once…

vineger is able to clear hui qi and sea salt is able to clear xie gi

6/2/2008 >>>CNY eve…good if you can chant from 2300hrs to 0000hrs and dedicate the chanting merits to all your family members’s past life karmic debtors.

11/2/2008>>> a good day to start work or business..if not you will hv to wait till 16/2/2008.

14/2/2008>>> those who are born in the year of horse , rats, chinese age 61 yrs old, born between 8/11 to 18/2 please go pray to tai sui..

15/2/2008 >> the day ppl pray to tian gong…if can chant 108 times Ah Mi Tuo Fo while u r praying to tian gong..and ask for wu liang guang(unlimited blessing ligts) to be shone on you and ur family members…

some case…..

Posted in Feng Shui on January 25, 2008 by Zacken99

from last week till date…see quite a few fengshui and ba zhi…nothing special…

the 2 case  worth mentioning is


a house i view at Boon Lay dr ..

The owner Mr Tang was a Tan Lang person, had a divorce few yrs bk…now buy this flat living alone…the previous owner was a indian, i went up the house and was surprise to see the whole house full of mirrios and the bed room. was painted in total black…there was kind of sticking energy in the flat….i check the fengshui of the house, for a rating 1 to 10…the flat i rate 2 , cos its really damn jia lat…the door had a 5 yellow and the qian gong also had a 5 yellow…the NE  sector aka gui meng had a window and jus outside it , there are 3 tree standing like 3 joss stick ….there is a special name for this kind of ge ju…gui meng xun meng ju…meaning that ppl living in such house will easily hv depression or spirits prossession…Mr Tang is a person ji earth and there r 2 shi ling in his ba zhi…if he jus live in the flat without doing anything, i can forsee that within 6 months…he will jus jump dwn..

>i advise Mr Tang to leave the house vacant for 3 months after washing the whole house with vineger and paint the room with light blue…b4 moving in.

> get a 9m 7 colour string chant 1080 times of an tu di zhen yan , and tie it at the 3 tree.

 > for such a house a special date must be chose to move in….it hv to b a po ri

> a 6 rod windchimes  with 3 qi ling hv to b put up at the door area.

> only metal bed can be use.


My darkest hour in life so far till nw is the time i spent in army…at Jurong camp…8 yrs ago

That period is when i  exp my unluckiest 5 yrs of luck…

I fall sick very often and was tekan like mad in camp…

i remember there was one time i was hving a high fever abt 40 degrees n that morning i was at the parade sq waiting to go medical center to report sick..I was shivering…then there was this camp mate Ang  standing near me…passing alot of sarcastic remarks like sick chicken lah chao keng n all sort of BKLTL  remarks…i was feeling horrible and plus the remarks i really buay tahan…n i use my last bit of strengh  wanted to fought with him…luckily other camp mate stop in time b4 the sergernt came…after that incident, this Ang was like a ke xing in my army life…keep giving me problem…we were so you yuan till we landed up the same unit even after i manage to “escape” from the camp

However…this week…I actually start teaching him xiu xing…and we both seems like hving shi yi zheng…became close friend…

I actually forgot abt all the only strike me when i was observing him when he was initiating the zi fa gong…i was like..hey..this man was actually i hated so much …but how come im nw a mentor to him???This world is really 无常,as the hokkien saying goes “船头,船尾碰的到.” 凡事留一线,日后好想见.

Anyway..I guess..I must hv done alot of bad to him in past life….Its my duty/obligation to du him….will do my best…cos I want my “revenge” back kakakaka!!! :P


Posted in Feng Shui on January 18, 2008 by Zacken99

I guess one of the greatest sin in life is making a person lost her virtues , compassions, loving kindness and self esteem…

Think recently I hv jus done it unintentionally…though its unintentional..but I still hv to be responsible to it….

Till now I still not sure hw bad the damages is..but I guess it really bad..

Saying sorry is very difficult to many of us…and sorry might not be the cure for many mistakes that we make….

at this juncture…really cant think of a way to atone this sin…..what done cant be undone…

shall i keep silent and see the progress then decide ? shall i speak up to the person and face the music?

shall i jus let the person go her own way? shall i make up the mistake by changing to what the person want?

lots of thoughts…running through me…

its so irony….spiritual stuff and many funny things never beat me…but when comes to this matter…im beaten…

a nice poster that i came across….

as the saying goes….

众生都有佛性, i hope the person dun becos of me lost this beautiful nature…i dun worth it….

12 horoscopes reading……….

Posted in Feng Shui on January 18, 2008 by Zacken99

well CNY is around the corner again.. these few days i hv been recieving calls to request me to give the 12 horoscope analysis…talk to company and road show…some “old” clients also start calling to make appointments with me to their house to tell them and their families members their horoscope analysis for the year…

frankly speaking im not really keen in giving horoscope talk or advise…not only its tedious to prepare slides, i tink its not accurate in horoscope analysis…

 when we talk abt hroscope, we are jus talking abt the yr effect on a person year pillar in the ba zi analysis…there r 4 pillar in a ba zi analysis, year,month,day and time…

 so when u ask hw a snake person fare in a rat year, its really really tooo general….the accuracy is only 25%…and sometime it will b very misleading…

It will be mlore accurate if you hv taken ur ba zhi analysis and u know wat is ur useful elements and negative elements..

2008 is a earth and water ppl who need earth will hv a good starting 6 month and ppl who need water will hv a good later 6 month..

So my desicion is that im not going to do any horosope reading for this yr…

but  i will like to caution the below group of ppl who born

1> in the yr of horse

2> in the month of horse

3> in the day of a horse

4> in the hour of a horse

5> surname 马

6> in the name there is 马,火,熊 and names with fire elements etc etc..

As long there is aperson who hit 3 or more of the above 6 point, you will hv to be careful..

as the di zhi of 2008 is 子, which will clash with 午(aka horse) which is a fire element 2008 may be a very weak energy yr for you.

 the cures will be

1> wear a real amythest crystal

2> avoid hospital or wake visits

 3> do not make big changes in life as all decisions make is wrong

4>  hang a 6 hollow rod windchimes at the south of the house.

5> hang a gong at NW sector of the house. strike it 9 times non every 2nd and 16th of the lunar month 11am to 1 pm

on the whole…I see that 2008 is not a good yr …a yr full of turbulance, woes and disagreement…

Hope all of us will start chanting and doing good deeds…

A mi tuo fo~~~~~~~~


Posted in Amulets, Feng Shui on January 13, 2008 by Zacken99

 九宮八卦鏡是西藏密宗開山祖師「蓮花生大士」,聚集梵、藏、漢三地破各種凶煞之鎮宅安居妙寶而成。  上方中央是佛教密乘主掌智慧、慈悲、力量的智、仁、勇三族姓尊–文殊、觀音、金剛手等三大菩薩。  其右方為時輪金剛,令東、南、西、北、東南、西南、西北、東北、上、下等十方與年、月、日、時等時辰所組合的時空宇宙世界一切自在。






Basically this is avery powerful amulet…It is use when a house is fill with ying qi or poor energy cirulation.

However, dont think it will work just by getting from any shop and start placing it in ur house… hv to be 1st blessed 1st ok… :)

Ai chant mai???

Posted in Feng Shui on January 2, 2008 by Zacken99

Ever since i start to know and aware about the merits and good effect of chanting i start to spread this ideal to ppl around me…be it my parents, girlfriend ,relatives, friends and clients…

many does start to prac…but also at the same times i exp negative attitude from many of them..


“chant what chant, no mood lah! i stirke toto , then i chant’

“mai siao lah! chant? no time lah…i want to play CS/watch football/pak tow/watch tv/bet horse/ sleep”

“chant?? you siao ah? u mights well ask me go be monk!”

“aiya, i work whole day, sibey sian liao lah, backache some more…ask me sit there..n chant, dun torture me lah”

and ofcos..alot alot more….

some of them who did chant , i guess also start to buay tahan me liao, whenever they see me, without i asking, they will automatically tell me they gt chant today /today hv nt/later/today no mood…


i guess im really super loh soh…

sometime…i really dun feel good n tell myself , i hv already done my part by telling them the goodness of chanting and the way to chant,they gt chant or not..also nt my problem..liao y so bother..let them b lah!

but when i see their problem is abt to come liao…if i dun urge them to seriously do it…i like very mei liang xin ..haizz….

AI CHANT MAI????????????


Bye Bye 2007…..

Posted in Feng Shui on January 1, 2008 by Zacken99

Well….finally a fullstop for 2007…

really a very very eventful year for me…

gald that i went for my monkhood retreat and had my 自发功 initiation…

thanks to all those who trusted me and allow me to assist them in life and sorry to those who i cant help…

the greatest sadness i experience this year is the passing away of jessie…if only i hv pass you the notes earlier..sorry Han San…..and June, I really cant solve your problem..maybe im still not up to the standard..will try harder

The greatest  “archievements” i have this year is leading Jeff, Richard ,shirly and Lao Da into xiu xing….will try to “get” more into the group…haha

The funniest thing i hv done in  2007 is joining Wasam**** and help Mr T , if only I wasnt so indecisive , i would hv not waste so much of my time… but Thank you Mr T, if  not because of you i wouldnt know there are people with so high gong li yet still cant see thru greed…

From 2008…i can proudly call myself  “free thinker” liao…no longer bonded by my foolish thinking about religion…

All thanks to 释枷,老子 and 无形 , if you  didnt save me from the car crash, I would hv die without understanding or hving “religion freedom”

Phra N and RS, sorry….i think your path dun suit me  and really not meant for me…thank you 2 for the past years support and help…without you 2 i wouldnt hv come to 2day and would hv die earlier… 

MY 2008 resolutions

. Lead more people into xiu xing,

. lessen my karma debts

.Do lesser insensible things

.Treat ppl around me better and spent more time with them…

some cases

Posted in Feng Shui on December 21, 2007 by Zacken99

  for the past whole week i hv been busy with consultations…

among so many new cases..there is 2 which i like to highlight…

case 1>

 Met Ron at the mac , b4 i met him while i was doing his ba zhi…i was rather uneasy with his ba zhi, there are total6 七杀 in his ba zhi and he is a definte a weak water person..a typical chong wang ge person but there is 劫财扶身.his zi wei dou shu had a 太阴hua ji…

such person will definite hv a so call dual character….and his 大运even more shocking had 偏印..a sure die situation…

his a very fair ,clean looking young man around 25…i when through my normal opening speech and ask him if he is a gay….he open his eye big big and i was like oh oh….

then after a long silent..he confess..and told me his life story..

i make my stand clear im not prejudice against homo..

i told him according to his ba zhi, it seems like there is a bad sign this yr and most likely he will hv tao hua jie.., he agreed with me..cos the reason he wanted to see me is becos recently he wanted to break up with his boy friend but he is treatening to kill him..and his pestering is making him going berserk…

i explain to him a person had a confusing in gender is becos of homones…and the reason why the homones reacted this way is becos of 业气..and i as usual..blah blah my karma theory…

Ron told me since young tis confusion had brough him alot of misery…he really cant stand the inner torture of it and the phobia of letting his family member know abt it….

i ask him if really wana stop it? ..he say yes and and i offer him a package i tailor for him…

his karmic sin was 杀业,邪念 和妄语.

becos of his past life killing sin , thats why he had to go through such horrible mental torture…

i advise him to

1> everyday copy 7 times 心经

2. everyday chant 3000 times om ma ni peh meh hong

3> be a life long vegeterian

4> follow my meditation method everyday for 30 min

after listening, he say i siao….he say he cant do it…

well i told him if he refuse to settle his karmic debt asap…he wun b able to celebrate his next yr birthday..and im willing to use my reputation as a stake if he din do what i told him to do and he can still happily and healthily celebated his next yr birthday i will make a public apolagy in the paper….

he kept silent …for couple of min…and he say he will try…but not sure he will hv the stamina to maintain it…

I advise him to go to temple and make a 大忏悔,and the 无形,will guide him…

well….now im waiting for his weekly ” report”

case 2

 went to see fengshui for Mr sim at telok blangah, a four room flat…the house fengshui is so so…not too bad..i advise him the fundemantals of fengshui..jus b4 i leave..mrs sim suddenly stop me and ask me to take a look at her youngest son..harry..

Harry was 6 yrs old, but he is still unable to walk or talk….he move around on his four limbs and he cant utter a single words…this only communication is hand sign and screaming . Mr sim hv brought him to see lots of proffesional from doc to doc…no cure and advise mr sim to sent harry to special sch..

i check harry spine and use my third eye to look at harry…

i saw a dog image..i guess harry previously was a dog, his ling content is still carrying his previous life enery thats why he cant be normal..

i seek mr sim permission to do an experiment to see if i can help harry..

i ask both mr n mrs sim to hold harry tight, while i start chanting and beam my energy at harry crown charkra, 10 mins later harry start to scream and was struggling sim was panic and ask me shall i stop…i signal him to tiam tiam…and continue my work…abt 30 min later, harry fainted…mrs sim scream at me n start to scold nasty words at  me say i murder his son lah..using witch craft lah….alot sim also start to get voilent held me at my collar…i ask them to relax, dun get work up jus wait and see…

abt 15 min, harry woke up…and hug mrs sim tightly and shouted “Ma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

mr sim was stunt! it was the 1st time harry utter a single word…and mrs sim burst into tears..

mr sim quickly apolagised to me and want me to quickly chant again…

i explain to mr sim, im not god…what i was doing was actually using zhen qi to recall harry ling of his human nature…to help harry..both of them hv to work hard

i gave them the tailor package

1> Both of them hv to start learning 大悲咒and everyday hv to chant 49 times and dedicate to harry past life debtors.

2> every 3 months must bring harry to me for the healing

3> donate to charity and become volunteers for charity home

i also tell mrs sim..harry hv today is also partly her fault cos she had abort 4 times b4 and thats why this also happen. mrs sim was shock, she never say anything abt it yet hw come i knw..frankly speaking i also dun noe why i know….i jus know loh…

so 4> Mrs sim hv to be full pledge vegeterian. and do at lease 9 times shui lu fa hui for her 4 aborted child per year for 12 yrs

I told mr sim frankly…dun expect harry to be normal child…but with the above tailor package..he will at lease be better and will at lease self substain…

mr n mrs sim nodded in a sad silent…


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